Do not lose heart

In the craziness of everything going on in the news media these past few days you may not have heard of things taking place in New York. New York recently passed a law making it legal to purposefully view child pornography. There are plenty of logistics to the situation, and claimed reasons for putting the law into practice. In the end it is nothing but a loophole that opens the door even wider for a heinous act to be tolerated.

This situation is just one example of thousands that we see around us every day. When we look and see all the evil and brokenness in this world we tend to lost heart. We strive to be good stewards, and to shine God’s light on this world. We work into pouring things that are good and worthwhile, and yet it seems as though nothing of value ever comes out of it.

Galatians 6:9 says, “And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart.” How do we keep from losing heart? How do we keep our heart together when the world seems to want to do everything it can to tear it apart? Maybe you have been trying with all your strength to make a difference in this world. Perhaps you have been using every resource you have to bring some good back into the lives of others. In the end discouragement settles in when nothing seems to change. We end up losing heart.

The thought in this passage doesn’t end in verse nine though. Verse ten goes on to say, “Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all, especially to those who are of the household of faith.” Verse nine tells us that even when we want to lose hope we need to hang in there because the harvest time will most certainly come. How do we keep from losing heart until then? We depend on God, and those He brings into our life to bring good to us.

I love my wife. I could list plenty of reasons for this love, but the one that applies most in this circumstance is that she helps keep me from losing heart. I realize that this is first and foremost a gift given by God to give me the strength to move forward. God understood I couldn’t do everything He wants me to do alone. He understood how easy it is for me to lose heart. That’s why He has brought my wife and others into my life to minister to me so that I might be able to minister to them and others.

How do we keep from losing heart? By depending on a creator who made that heart to begin with. So often we try and shine light into darkness out of our own strength and ability. That was never the original plan. It has always been God’s design for us to lean on Him for guidance and strength. He gives us that strength through friends, family, pastors, coworkers, strangers, and in our personal relationship with Him.

The truth is we are weak and frail. We need to acknowledge that fact. We need to acknowledge that we are unable to reach out to this world in the way it needs. By admitting all of this we can then humbly turn towards the one who can empower to make a difference even when it seems the darkness is closing in. Do not lose heart. Instead, let God use you to bring hope to others, and let Him send others to bring hope to you.


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