What has defined your value?

What do you let define your value? If someone asked you what made you worth something, how would you answer? We all seek to find value. Often we look for it in the wrong place. What exactly is it that even establishes value? Does the item or person itself establish it, or is it from someone interested in the item or person?

Have you ever wondered what makes a collectible worth so much? For instance, let’s take the example of a baseball signed by Babe Ruth. Pretend that a baseball signed by Babe Ruth goes for $5,000. The only way the baseball would be worth that much is if there were people willing to pay that much for it. A seller could ask for $10,000 all he wants, but if no one has ever paid that much for that item then it isn’t worth $10,000 just because the seller wants that much for it. The consumer places the value on the item, not the item itself.

This is why we as individuals look around us to help distinguish what our value is. Maybe your value is being placed in your successful job. You place your value solely on the amount of figures in your paycheck. It is what defines you, and is the biggest connection to your identity.

Perhaps your value is being placed in a relationship. So long as that man or woman finds you desirable, you have value. However, what happens if that significant other no longer finds you desirable? You have received the message that you are worthless.

Perhaps it’s not even just that one person. Maybe your value is being placed simply on receiving attention from the opposite sex. The more guys pay attention to you, find you attractive, and flirt with you, the higher the value you have. Isn’t this a cheap kind of value though? It becomes even cheaper when guys demand a higher payout in order to give you that attention. They expect sex in order for you to receive their affections. Now your value has been placed on your usefulness as a tool for someone else’s pleasure. Isn’t there something better?

We place our value in what our identity is placed in. Our identity is placed too often in our jobs, relationships, families, popularity status, friendships, and abilities. None of these can give you the same amount of value that I have found I have.

My value is placed on my identity being in Christ. It is a value that nothing else in this world can match. It is a value that cost Christ living on this earth as a man, and suffering a brutal death. All of this was done to pay for my sin. It was not a price that I was worthy of being paid for. I did nothing to earn this value. If anything, I deserve the value that I so often try and find in other things in this life.

Even as Christians we can forget where our value is truly found. We must be reminding ourselves that our identity and value can never be found in a way that fully satisfies form things here on earth. It’s time to see where your value really is, and it’s not something cheap.

What do you struggle finding your value in? How do you remind yourself that your value is from Christ? Please feel free to share in the comments.


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