What is your diet?

This will be my last post before leaving for Kenya. I meant to give another post on here yesterday, but extenuating circumstances did not allow for that to happen. I will be out of the country until June 2nd, and thus updates from me won’t start back up until the fourth. However, my friend Karch will be doing some guest posts on here. Keep your eyes open!

Have you ever stopped to consider the amount of garbage content culture throws at us? Consider the amount of time you spending surfing the net, and see ads half of which seem to have sex as a method to present their product. Turn on the TV, and commercials for even fast food chains are ripe with portraying on the interest of lust. TV shows themselves are full of content that would make most cringe if they weren’t so personally indulged with the content to begin with. Stand in line at the grocery store and the covers of magazine send a message to men of women being objects, and a message to women of the need to fit a certain mold.

Why do I bring all of these up? Most of this garbage from culture is things that we don’t even choose to see. Satan doesn’t take a break at throwing garbage into our lives. The world doesn’t sleep in terms of trying to convince a woman she needs to look a certain way to get the attention she craves, or let herself be viewed as an object by men. It does not rest in convincing men that we are naturally incompetent silly idiots who only care about attractive women. The world unrelentingly pushes views on us.

All of this takes place, and yet we somehow think that spending Sunday morning in church and maybe a few minutes throughout the week reading the Bible will offset all of this. We fool ourselves when we believe this. If the world is throwing such a mess at us then we need to be active in balancing all of this out with putting worthwhile content into our lives. There are a few things we can do to make this happen.

1.Limit your media intake. My generation is obsessed with technology. We spend so much time on our phone and laptop. We use both of these items for viewing sites online. The amount of “questionable” content we see is higher than we realize.

2. Not all content can be avoided in our world today. When you face it focus on prayer rather than the content. Perhaps one of the greatest causes for a Christian falling is a lack of prayer in the midst of temptation.

3. Stop having a checklist, and start actually eating. We need to stop viewing Scripture and time with God as something to check off the list. We should be feeding off of it. That is a substance that actually satisfies in your life. One a kid is growing he needs a healthy diet. He can’t just spend all of his time on candy and cake. As people growing spiritually we need to have a healthy diet. Instead, the average person starves himself/herself by filling up on food largely provided by the world.

So much content that should be questionable has become the norm in our lives. We are no longer phased by those who dress inappropriately, rant off a list of swear words, perform general acts of evil, and actions that imply a nature rooted in greed. We grow use to this unhealthy diet, and believe it is not as unhealthy as others claim. We become so numb to the garbage this world throws out.

How then can we live in this world, but not become numb and used to the diet it tries to thrust down our throats? We need to keep ourselves spiritually pure by remaining in the word. By remaining in a close relationship with God we can keep our sensitivity to these issues in the world, but still be able to live in it.

How do you keep pure in this world? Spend time on the things that will keep you pure. The five minutes in God’s word won’t cut it. We are being relentlessly attacked by an enemy, why then are we not properly preparing ourselves for it?


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