We’ve got the power

First let me thank Karch for his posts while I was gone. He did an amazing job, and has begun a series called “redefine” that I will be doing weekly. He is an amazing man of God, and is currently in the process of starting his own blog. I encourage you all to check it out once it is up and running.

Next I want to let you know that I will be giving some posts soon of thorough updates on my time doing missions in Kenya. Today I wanted to add on to this topic of the gospel.

I think we often forget the power of the gospel. We forget the change it has on people. We forget the power it has to heal wounds of the past, the sins that have plagued us for years, and the disease of dependence.

I only witnessed two people come to Christ during my time in Kenya. They were the very last two people I met with during my time there. The story leading up to that is one I will share at a later time. Today though I want to focus on the power the message had. My translator and I presented the gospel to both of these women the day before. At the time they seemed confused, weighed down with heavy burdens, lacking joy, and seemed to have zero purpose in life.

We left them with our encouraging message, and begged them to consider what we had told them. The next day we saw them, and their was an immediate change in their demeanor. They walked with purpose. They no longer wore a smile out of obligation, but out of joy. They seemed overwhelmed with the love of God. In each encounter they spoke of God opening their hearts after we had left. They realized what Christ had done, and the need for his actions. Both of these women were completely different from when we left them.

A life without the gospel is a life without hope. It is a life where we strive in this world by the sweat of our brow. It is a life where survival of the fittest is the overarching rule. The gospel provides a better way. If we follow the gospel we will be lead down treacherous roads. We will be sent to places we never would have dreamed. However, we will be filled with an immeasurable hope. We will be filled with this hope because the gospel is power.

What I saw reminded me of this again on my trip. Have your forgotten the power of the gospel? Have you forgotten how it has changed you? We should always have joy from this message. I have decided to follow Jesus, and there is no turning back. I have drank living water from Christ, and now nothing else can satisfy. I have experienced the power and boldness that the resurrection brings out of a stuttering man like me. I have seen it turn me from a shy man, into someone who preaches in boldness, and with passion despite the consequences. It is the source of my strength and meaning. It is the reason I wake up in the morning. It is the reason I live.

This post and message is simple and short. Remember the power of the gospel.


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