Redefined and Rediscovered: The Gospel

Hello again brothers and sisters!

It has been sometime. I have been busy and it has been productive. I pray that you have done well as well.

When we last talked about the Gosple I left y’all with a quote from a friend of mine,”The Gospel is a righteous God declaring sinners righteous in a righteous way.”

Really what the Gospel is about is God, not man. Its about God being God. Period.

Making the mistake of putting man before God in the Gospel creates problems in how you live life and share the Gospel.

As I said, it is all about God being God.

Many times we put God in our terms. For instance, we think of God as the all-powerful  super-mighty ultimate strong-man. This is true. He is all of that. Thankfully however He is SO much more than that. Being God means ultimate perfection. Not just perfect and almighty strength. His perfection is so utter that in many instances theologians instead of calling aspects of God attributes rather denote their excellence in degree by referring to them as perfections.

At any rate, some grab cling of certain verses, such as 1 John 4:8

The one who does not love does not know God, for God is love.

And define God as love. This is a grave mistake. God is love. Love is not God. Nor is God only love. God is also justice. God is also righteous anger. Indeed love is excellent, but God is PERFECT. Instead of simply being love, God is in His very nature the perfection and manifestation of all positive attributes. Not only does He manifest them, all of them are not seperate perfections(attributes) within Him warring for control or decision making, but rather are completely in harmony.

This might seem like a bit of a diatribe, but it will make sense in a moment. Not only is God love, but He is also perfect justice. Not love fighting justice for control of God’s decisions…but rather a perfect harmony of perfect justice and perfect love.

So often the Gospel is the good news of God forgetting our sins. While He does forget our sins, the epic amazingly awesome rock your socks off-ness of the Gospel is so much greater than God forgetting our sins. God forgave our sins.

See…it is not just, and thusly not righteous, to forget sin without it being forgiven. Justice demands payment for sin. Love demands forgiveness. And God is so perfect that He doesn’t even have to perceive it that way. We have to talk about attributes and perfections in contrast to each other because our members war within us. God is so excellently perfect that what we have to weigh out as being acceptable to multiple perfections of God is not simply second nature…but first nature to Him…indeed it is His indelible nature.

The beauty of God’s nature is that the separation between attributes that is a part of our nature since the fall in Eden is not a part of His nature. Whereas to our perspective righteousness is made up by multiple different attributes all put together, instead in God’s nature righteousness just is.

And the beauty of the Gospel is that it embodies this righteousness. Instead of God simply forgetting our sin…He forgave it. Instead of denying justice for love’s sake, or denying love for justice’s sake, He in perfect righteousness forgave our sins by taking upon Himself the iniquity for which we were condemned.

And in this embodiment of His righteousness, we are declared as righteous as God by God Himself. By His imputation of our iniquity to Him, He imputes His righteousness to us.

He does this because of His righteousness…but to put it more in our terms…it is because of His grace, love, and righteousness. He covered over our sins through payment rather than forgetfulness. He was the perfect sacrifice who in His righteousness declared us righteous righteously.

And God chooses us as the ambassador’s of His message. He also chose faith/belief as the vehicle by which His salvation comes to us.

As such we implore you…be reconciled to God! Furthermore, go forth and engage and implore others so that they will be reconciled to God!

As is evident from the Gospel, God’s salvation for us, self-sufficiency is a joke. We cannot be self-sufficient. Rather in the salvation that God has offered as well as everything else, we depend upon God for obedience.

We are, regardless of how we delude ourselves and regardless of whether we wish to admit it, utterly dependent on God.

The question is whether we embrace that dependence or run from it. Indeed that is the question for all.

Stay dependent brothers and sisters.



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