Prayer as an excuse.

Hello brothers and sister.

Recently I was very convicted of a problem in my own life that I want to share with you that you might check your life for a similar problem.

The issue is of using God as an excuse…specifically prayer. I became aware that in many circumstances when a Christian friend asks me to do something that I do not want to do, when I do not wish to tell him or her that, I say something like, “I’ll pray about it” or “I’ll prayerfully consider it”. When what I really mean is no.

I had justified this as being me simply saying I would not do it unless God told me to. The issue is that is not what I am saying. It really stemmed from having a lack of integrity.

Integrity is being the same person in your heart and head as well as in your words and actions.

When I use the excuse, “I’ll pray about it”, my heart and/or head are saying “No”, but my words convey the meaning possibly. This seems very small, however at its core it is deception. I am portraying something at its core untrue.

Even more heinous I am using God as the vehicle of that deception.

Be ever vigilant that you do not deceive those around you and possibly yourself with statements that hide the condition of your heart.


4 responses to “Prayer as an excuse.

  1. That’s… really convicting actually. What would you propose as a remedy? Perhaps be honest when the answer you really wish to give is “no?” That could be problematic in its own way, of course, as people might see you as dismissing their ideas out of hand.

    I dunno, I don’t have a perfect solution to this issue and don’t claim to. Just throwing thoughts out there.

    • I think that a very important remedy is to understand honesty.

      In other words, what you feel in your heart, unless that is sinful, should always be what you mean by your words. To do otherwise is to deceive.

      This does not mean that the way you present your feelings cannot change.

      Its kinda like localizations in video games and/or anime. The meaning should always be the same, but the presentation is the issue.

      To be more specific if you are giving no as a response, you should do so…in a polite manner.

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