More than fine

My thoughts for this post were spurred on by a discussion I read a while ago. There are a series of adult books that have received a large amount of attention over the past few months. There were some women discussing whether or not these books were appropriate to read since they had a large content of sex as well as some bad interpretations of a healthy relationship. The discussion never got terribly ugly, but I did notice a common trend amongst those who read the books and were defending them. The defense was always, “These books have not affected me poorly. I am doing just fine.”

It would be really easy to just point out that filthy content is simply filthy content. It would be easy to only say it should be avoided. It would be really easy to lay out a claim of warning against potential sin. I try and push myself to go beyond that though. Sinful material should be pointed out for what it is, but we should also take the time in those situations for personal evaluation.

This discussion made me ask myself a very difficult question. What possible negative habits have I convinced myself do not affect me? If I believe something does not affect me negatively is it because I am really that strong of a Christian, or is it because I am unaware that I am in a hole? If I was closer to God would these habits affect me negatively?

I’m already doing just fine. Why should I need to do better if I am getting by just fine? Shouldn’t we want better than “fine” though? Shouldn’t we desire to do better than just settle in life? When a man prepares to propose to a woman he does not say in his head, “I guess she will do”. His friends would talk him out of it. They would encourage him to strive for something that is better.

We may use the excuse of the weaker brother and stronger brother. I will likely talk about that on another day. The truth is that we need to make a point to ask ourselves what we believe does not affect us. This material may put some into temptation, but it does not affect me. This book may make some question their morals, but I can appreciate the story and ignore the bad content. This may be considered gossip to some people, but it does not affect me in that way. Some people may think the content of this music or movie is harmful, but it has not lowered me any.

The truth is I often hide under the excuse of “just fine”. What if I was closer to God to begin with though? Would this habit lower me down? If the answer might be yes then isn’t this keeping me from getting closer to God? Sometimes we do not realize the things that keep us from getting closer to God. We focus so hard on dealing with the “big sins” in our lives that we forget that smaller things can affect us to. Sometimes sin does not appear to lower us down; it simply keeps us stagnant. This kind of sin keeps us under the illusion that we are just fine.

I am tired of just fine. I want something amazing. I want something with purpose. I want more.


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