Delight in worship

Have you ever felt like you are not in the mood to worship while singing some songs during church? Sometimes I can be in a worship service and am just not feeling worshipful. The mood feels off to me. Maybe I am not a huge fan of the song. Maybe I just find it to be a little boring today. Maybe I am sitting next to someone who is singing off key. Perhaps I am distracted by something else that was going on earlier in the week. Sometimes I am just frustrated at life and God.

I find I focus on myself a good deal when worshiping God. My worship time easily revolves around how best to work around my needs and emotions. I say the word, but my heart and mind are somewhere else. There is no feeling or passion. There is a lack of genuine worship taking place.

“This people honors me with their lips, but their heart is far from me; in vain do they worship me, teaching as doctrines the commandments of men.” (Matt. 15:8-9)

Do my words to God match up with my heart? Who am I focusing on when I worship? I can be so selfish in my time of worship. I worship when I feel close to God. I worship when I feel like He is there for me. I worship to make myself feel good. I want an emotional high. I want to feel connected to God. Rarely is it ever about giving Him honor and praise.

When was the last time you worshipped God, and just told Him how worthy He is? God is never unworthy of our praise. You can never give God more praise than He deserves. God does not just want us to say the right words. God is calling us out on the heart issue. He wants us to be worshipping with our hearts.

My worship needs to stop being focused on how good I feel. It needs to stop being about the type of music I personally like. It needs to stop being about me. We have taken over worship and made it about us. It is not just the big band that performs a show with lights and smoke. It is found in all kinds of churches. It is found in the small country church that just has the woman leading in some hymns. It is found in the church with the full band. It is found in the church that opts out of the “traditional” form of worship through music. No matter how your church worships you will struggle with this.

How do we make worship about God and not us? Recognize Him for who He is and what He has done. Worship Him for how He has blessed you. Admit to Him that anything good that comes from you is because of Him. Cast your burdens at His feet. Sacrifice your time with both body and mind.

I love the story of the woman who broke the expensive bottle of perfume and washed Jesus feet. His disciples rebuked her. They thought the more “Christian” thing to do would be to sell the perfume and given the money to the poor. They claimed it would have been a more worthy cause. Jesus tells them to stop. He says that she made the right choice because she saw the bigger picture. She understood what Jesus was about to do. She did not just proclaim to love him, but performed an action from her very heart to show her dedication.

Sometimes we can get caught up in being a “Christian” that we forget to worship. Sometimes I get so caught up doing ministry that I forget to worship God. I get caught up in teaching Scripture, reaching out to those in need, even sharing the gospel, but I forget to pause and worship God. Sometimes the most Christian thing we can do is stop and show God that we delight in who He is and what He has done.


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