Worthless idols

In my last post I talked about the whole Kristen Stewart scandal and her “momentary indiscretion”. I certainly do not want it to feel as though my posts are obsessing over Twlight actors/actresses, but some reactions to this event have inspired this post today.

Did you ever have a hero growing up as a kid? I’m not talking about a fictional superhero like Superman. Was there ever a person that you looked up to more than anyone else? Maybe there was an older sibling, a parent, or an adult in your life that you looked up to as a personal hero. We likely have had people like that in our lives. We want to be like them. We wish we had their life and we begin to idolize them.

There are a lot of fans of the Twilight series. There are plenty of fans of Kristen Stewart and Robert Patterson. This scandal seems to have created a greater devastation in the lives of the fans as opposed to those directly involved. One young woman posted a video of her crying out for four minutes on how devastated she was that this perfect couple had failed. Another young lady talked about how she felt their love was so pure and perfect, and now her faith in all of this was shattered because of what Kristen had done.

Heroes let us down. We set them up on pedestals and they inevitably fall. Celebrities are often victims to this, but it is not just selective to that category. Our friends, parents, significant others, pastors, and anyone we look up to will let us down sometimes. We are all human and make mistakes.

It is not wrong to look up to others. It is not really even wrong to want to be a little more like someone else who has some healthy traits that you admire. It becomes dangerous when we set that person up as the perfection of completion. There were many people that viewed this couple as the perfect couple. They want their relationship to be just like theirs. There are multiple reasons why this should be a problem including the fact that this couple lived together. The biggest problem though is that no relationship is perfect. They all have flaws. When we set ourselves up to be exactly like someone else we are trying to imitate their good qualities and their bad qualities.

We believe our idols cannot fail. Idols… That is what we make our heroes. We place them on a level next to God. We believe they will never let us down, but they do. Next thing we know we become like the girl on youtube who cries for four minutes because her world as she knows it has come to an end.

I have had the privilege of having some amazing role models in my life. Some have lasted over these years as people I continue to look up to and respect. Some are friends, public figures, and pastors. Some of these people over the years have fallen though. They have messed up and made huge blunders in their life. While my heart would always break for these people I was never shattered because of it. My faith is never shaken when an influential person in my walk falls. Why is this? It is because my faith and life are not defined by any person that walks this earth today.

My faith is defined and nurtured by the one who walked on this earth over 2,000 years ago. Whenever I try to imitate and be like another believer it is because I see Christ in them. I imitate the ways they imitate Christ. I learn to do what they have learned to do, but they are not my God. When a loving couple splits up it does not shaken my faith in love and marriage. My marriage is not defined by other people’s success and failures. It is defined by my dedication to God and my wife.

If you’re looking for a hero that will fall off your pedestal then keep looking amongst celebrities and the people around you. However, maybe you are looking for something more. Perhaps you are looking for a hero that can really satisfy. Maybe you are looking for a hero that cannot disappoint. If that is you then I suggest you start looking towards Christ.


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