Does Christianity bring greatness?

I am back! I have been gone for over a week on a Missions trip to Minneapolis with some of the youth here at the church. It is nice to finally be home. I also have noticed that many visitors have come by while I was away. I am not sure if any of you are still around, but if so then welcome! I hope you get something out of this blog.

Does Christianity bring about greatness? What kind of greatness does it bring about? Is it greatness in the business world, athletics, or any other career? Most have heard of the whole Chick-fil-A kerkuffle. I was absent for the majority of it. I’m actually not going to even be talking on it, but it has a side element that takes part in this post.

Have you ever met someone who has a favorite author or director who simply cannot do any wrong? Some think Christopher Nolan and Peter Jackson are brilliant directors who automatically make successful films. I am fans of both, but they both also have some flaws. I do not enjoy any of their work blindly simply because I like other work they do. Others appreciate any media product that is Japanese because they think it is automatically better. People like Anime more than American television simply because it is Anime. Rather foolish isn’t it? Why think someone is great just because?

In a conversation about Chick-fil-A someone asked what their food was like. One person replied that they were like KFC. I responded that I felt they were better than KFC. Another individual in the conversation said, “Do you like them better because they are Christian?” Such a telling question. It is an us vs. them mentality in our world today. Stick to your own kind because that is what is expected. I like Chick-Fil-A more because I think their food tastes better.

Since when did Christianity determine worldly success? If that was the case then would not all of Olympic gold medalists be Christian? Would not all the MVP athletes be Christian? Why is it that Tim Tebow did not have stats that blew every other QB out of the water? Are all those people’s skills given from God? They certainly are, but Christianity does not determine your success in a field of your choice.

That is how we treat Christianity though. Follow God and you will have success in life. Live your life a certain way and God will reward you in the way you desire. Have enough faith and you will succeed in all your endeavors. Sometimes you can do everything right as a Christian and still fail in the world’s terms. Since when did success equate to being a good Christian? Paul was stoned and imprisoned for sharing the gospel. Was he not good enough as a Christian? Missionaries around the world face persecution for their faith. Does that mean they are not great?

Christianity and comfort do not mix. You will not always have wild success. Life will not be easy as a Christian. Sometimes life is simply hard. Christianity does not define success in a career. It does not define the best you can be as an athlete or a businessman. It defines the best you can be as a human being. It defines the extent of your quality as a creation of God. Christianity does not make you a great careerist. True Christianity makes you a great you.


11 responses to “Does Christianity bring greatness?

  1. Does Christianity bring greatness? I understand your view and I agree completely. It certainly addresses some of us who might be completely submerged in the “gospel of prosperity”. Does God want us to prosper? Sure, whichever way He knows is best for us. Some get this completely out of balance an makes this their focus and their only dimension of relation to our Heavenly Provider.

    But true prosperity and greatness is being Spirit-filled and walking humbly with our God. We are great because greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world. We are more than overcomers in Him who love us and gave Himself for us.

    Think about it… Do we abolish the law? By no means! Rather we uphold the law, because we can do all things through Him who gives us the strength to do it. If every Christian dare to be led by the Spirit and let Christ sit on the throne of their lives, then we could shape the culture in which we live.
    Everyone will take notice that we are different, salt and light to the earth.

    All the great nations of the world was influenced by a Christian culture that aspired to be the best they could be. That is what Christ in us does. If we truly become Christ-like in all we do, we can do all things.

    In some way, if I may say so, i firmly believe: Christianity does lead to greatness.

    • I understand what you are saying, and I would agree with you. What you are talking about though is really a different element to the topic of this post. This post is dealing more with how do you define greatness. It was tackling a false definition of greatness in Christianity.

      Also I thought you would like to know that you do not need to post your blog link at the end of your comment. People can click on your name, and get to it straight from there.

      • Hi Fletcher,
        Sorry about the link – only recently started blogging, so would appreciate anymore tips.

        Thanks for your kind word and for agreeing with my view.

        Keep up the good work!

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