Musings from childhood: Star Wars and finishing well

I’m a Star Wars fan. I always have been, and I always will be. I grew up loving the original films. Naturally when the news arrive that the prequel trilogy was being made I was ecstatic. I would pour myself over any information that was available for The Phantom Menace. The anticipation was exhilarating. After what seemed like ages of waiting the time had finally arrive to see this film that in my mind was set up to be everything I had ever dreamed. It would blow me away just as much as the other films had. This was an anticipation expected from fans everywhere. Theaters around the world were filled with fan with high hopes. They were also emptied by fans who were thoroughly disappointed.

The film was a disaster compared to George’s previous success. Everyone seemed to wonder what happened. The next film was even worse than the last one. The third only barely brought itself up back to an acceptable range. Why was this amazing director doing so poorly?

Some people believed his previous success was a random fluke. He only got lucky with his first films. Others thought he went senile. Others believe that battle of nostalgia amongst fans did not stand a chance with these new films. I do not think it was any of these. I believe what really happened is something that happens to people in their Spiritual walk far too often.

George Lucas lost sight of his vision. He had moments where you saw it. I believe as a director who was a true visionary. He told a tail of epic proportions. Somewhere down the line he just started to care about the wrong things. He used to care about the fans, but now openly insults them in interviews. He used to care about the story, but now is more obsessed with merchandising and special effects. This man was not the same one who set out on his own journey years ago.

We lose sight far of where we are going. A Christian often starts out very strong in their faith. They have a passion for God’s word. They want to be a zealous servant for Him. This passion dwindles though. Other things in life start to take up time and focus. We turn our attention towards other things. We end up finishing this journey halfheartedly. We do not finish well.

Lucas had a point in his career where he would go down as one of the greatest directors and storytellers out there. Now he is going down as a man who seemed to give up in the end. Someone who spit on the masterpiece he created. Is that what I want people to say about me with my life? Do I want to be known as a guy who had a ton of potential, but never pursued it? Do I want to be the guy who started off with an amazing spirit and passion for God, but then dwindled and fell off the path?

I want to be known as someone who ended well. Sure I had some bumpy parts in my journey. Things were not always perfect. I still want to be known as someone who ended his life with more passion for God than when he started. I want to be someone who impassions others even after he has left this earth. I want my life to be an example for others. I want to have done so much for God that my legacy for Him will only scratch the surface while I am living on this earth. I want to end well so that others can start well. I want to end well so others can see how it can be done. I want to end well because I want my life to consist of something that truly matters. I don’t want to be a one trick pony.

How do I do this? I must always keep my eyes fixed on Christ. I cannot let other distractions in this world keep me from remaining dedicated to him. I need to keep my eyes on the prize. I want to remain so focused on Him and accomplishing what He wants me to that when I leave this world it is because I have run out of things that He has for me to do. I just want to finish well.


4 responses to “Musings from childhood: Star Wars and finishing well

  1. Remember we get marks for trying. Let us keep pressing on towards the goal that God has called us to. Thanks 🙂

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