Will the real Messiah please stand up

Guess what, that politician is not going to bring guaranteed salvation and peace. That job you are trying to get is not going to solve all of your problems. That new item is only going to instill pleasure in you for a little while until you need to look for something new. That boyfriend/girlfriend is not going to make all your problems go away.

We look in so many of the wrong places to fix our problems. This post is largely stemmed from the current political arena, and seeing all the statements made by people about how everything in life would be better with Obama, Romney, or Ron Paul in office. These men become worshipped. They are lifted up as a messiah who can save our country from its destructive path.

I do this too though. It may not be with politicians, but I seek other items that I place as a messiah in my life. I use them as something to either shield me from what painful situation I am dealing with, or I believe it is something that can fix all my problems. Many of these things are not even inherently bad, but I look to them for comfort and salvation.

It bothers me when I see this in myself. It is a reminder that I do not put my full dependence on God like I need to. However, it is comforting for me when I realize what is happening. When I am aware of a problem then I can work on finding a solution.

What is your messiah right now? For some it may be a politician. Are you praying to God for the health of our country or are you praying to a politician for health for our country? Are you pointing people towards a politician that you believe will bring peace to the land, or are you pointing people to Christ who can bring peace to their hearts first? It baffles me how many Christians and even pastors hammer on people to vote for the “right” politician, but never point them to a God who can instill them with proper guidance in the first place. If 90% of your conversation topics, thoughts, tweets, or facebook posts are about a politician, then maybe you need to rethink through some things.

Maybe your messiah is a hobby. You might use this hobby to escape the stresses of life. It keeps you sane. Now this can be a healthy thing. We all need something to recharge ourselves and get our mind off of stress. However, sometimes we create a complete fantasy world in order to run from our issues rather than recharge before facing those issues again.

Perhaps your messiah is a relationship. Some people cannot be happy unless they are in a relationship. All of their problems seem so much bigger when they are alone. Relationships can be used to escape our problems. We use relationships to define our value and happiness. I have value so long as someone else sees value in me. It is unhealthy.

Obama, Romney, and Paul did not die on the cross for you. No matter what laws they put in place in our country they are still unable to change your heart. Your hobbies did not sacrifice themselves for you. They cannot compel you to love. They cannot carry your burdens. Your relationship cannot get you into heaven. None of these things are an adequate messiah substitute.

The real Messiah can change the nation by changing the heart of the individual. The real Messiah died on a cross for you to pay for your punishment. He can carry your burdens and help you face your problems. He is not an escape from the reality of this world, but he is the solution to it. Belief in Him will give you eternal life. It will bring you true satisfaction and joy. The real messiah gives you true value. A value that was priceless and shown through the payment of blood on a cross.

You can choose to keep your politician, hobby, and relationship messiahs. I will stick with the one that works.


One response to “Will the real Messiah please stand up

  1. This was very well said and it’s very much what I’m going through right now. This is definitely a great reminder that the things of this world are temporary and can’t truly satisfy or fulfill us.

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