One breath

Breath gives life. We cannot live without breathing. It is something so natural that we can easily forget its purpose until a variable keeps us from performing it. One does not think that a specific breath might take away life. Breath is meant to give life.

I love the creation of man in Scripture. Specifically I love the part where God breathes life into Adam. There is so much meaning in that statement. Adam’s first breath was God breathed. It was the richest and most fulfilling breath He likely ever took. Before that moment Adam was simply a sculpture. He was a mere image of the potential that was stored up in him. He was not yet everything that he was created to be. It took God giving him life to make that happen. God breathed life into Adam.

It gets crazier though. We are God’s children. He is our father because He is our creator. I am about to have a son of my own. My wife is just a few weeks away from delivering our first child. It is a very exciting time. I already know I love my son so much that I will do anything necessary to protect him. Any loving parent will tell you that they will willingly die for their children.

God was the same way, but he still has all of us beat. God is all powerful. He knows everything. He knew what that breath would cost. A breath that instilled life into man would also lead to pain and heartache for the father. Adam and Eve would rebel against God and bring about death. The very same man who was given life through the breath of God would turn back into a simple shadow of what he was created to be.

God had a plan in motion form the beginning though. God knew that his own breath to Adam would mean a loss of breath on the cross. He did it anyway though. That is some insane love. God loved us so much that He created us knowing He would need to fix the mess we made. That’s might possibly blow my mind more than anything else about God.

God gave us life twice. He gave us a second life through death. It is a death that we all get to partake in so that we might have a new breath. It is a breath given by God. The Holy Spirit dwells in us, and we suddenly have new life.

God new all of this back in a garden. I wonder what exactly was going through His mind as he molded Adam out of the dust. I wonder if He was thinking about those lasts breath on the cross as he breathed life into Adam. This is such a deep love that I cannot possibly begin to compete with it. His love was so rich that He started this journey even though He knew how difficult it would be.

Some people ask how I can manage to love God so much despite all of the evil and craziness in this world. I look back at the very beginning of the story, and look all the way towards the very end and wonder how I could not love Him.

Who knew that one breath could mean so much.


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