Are you missing the point?

Hello again brothers and sisters.

I have been busy with things that I should not have allowed myself to be busy with…or at least not as busy as I have been with them anyway. As a side not before the main point, never let your things you should be doing strangle out the things that you must do. We don’t have enough time to do that, and I am sorry that I did.

Which brings me to the point that God has laid on my heart. Are we missing the point?

What is the point of us still being here? Why did God leave us here?

If you are like me, you might say that it was to bring Him glory by imitating Christ.

You would be right. But if you are also like me, while the words are right the meaning is wrong.

I bring this up as our meaning in saying this does not match up with what it means to imitate Christ. Instead of imitating Christ, I fear that we look for how we are different from Christ and try to change those things. I know that I ran after the things that were different between Christ and I. I locked in on attitudes and thoughts that did not conform to Christ. I labored hard at them. I was fixated upon them. I convinced myself that the pain that I felt while fighting for those characteristics which are deftly summed up in Galatians five was me yearning for the redemption of myself along with creation. I was convinced that if I just worked alongside the Holy Spirit on the issues that I had that Christ didn’t, then I was imitating Christ.

But my friends, I missed it all. I totally screwed up. And I am afraid that you might be as well.

Fixing our moral failures IS NOT the goal of our continued existence on this planet. It NEVER has been.

The primary act of Christ, the overarching utterly-supreme victory over everything was/is/and ever will be His sacrifice for us.

As such the primary purpose of our existence…the primary way in which we are to imitate Christ is in laying down our lives for the whole of humanity.

Let me say it more plainly: The point of your continued residence in a world that is not our home is to sacrifice your desires and wants and instead spend your life spreading the good news of Christ’s salvation.

Let go of your dreams. Let go of your hopes. Die to your self. Live for God’s purpose, the redemption of humanity. Don’t miss the point of your life.


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