Did anyone hear the knock?

On Wednesday nights I run a Bible study called I Am Second. One of the things we do is watch an I Am Second video which is someone giving a testimony. As I was previewing one video I looked down to see the comments by other viewers. There was one commenter who began to talk about how testimonies like this were slowly swaying him towards believing that Jesus really is God, and that Christianity is true. Another commenter who was an atheist began to give arguments to discredit the testimony. Most of the arguments weren’t that great, but the guy on the fence slowly begin to agree back with the atheist.

There was something in the midst of this whole exchange by these two commenters that disturbed me. Not a single Christian commenter reached out to this guy on the fence. Not one. There were plenty of Christian commenters that could have done it. There was an overabundance of Christians saying things like “praise Jesus!” “God is amazing!” “I’m so happy I believe in God.” There were plenty of commenters talking about how wonderful it was to believe in God, and happy that they “got it”, but none of them ever reached out to this other commenter. None of them tried to rebuttal the poor points of the atheist. In the end it left a poor confused man lost and alone.

We miss it. So often we have the opportunity to make a difference, and we just miss it. It is devastating. We hole up in our churches to worship God, but we fail to take those voices out of those doors. Why are we failing in this so much?

It’s easier to worship God than to proclaim his truth. It is some much simpler just to sing some songs and say the popular phrases you find in the church. We get too wrapped up in worshipping God that we forget to tell others about him. Sometimes we make the excuse that we simply do not want to come off as aggressive. We do not want people to feel like they are being bullied to believe in Jesus.

Fear of bullying is a noble reason to be cautious. However it should not bring us to a point of silence. If the people with tenderness and compassion are quiet regarding the gospel than all that is left are the bully evangelists and the unbelievers. The gospel can be spoken with compassion. The truth is this is not the biggest excuse for keeping quiet though. The biggest excuse is that we just don’t seem to care.

That is what it comes down to. It is plain and simple. If we refuse to share the gospel with others then it is a confession that we simply do not care. I have had to come to terms with this in the past. I let fear of the unknown keep me from sharing the gospel in what would have been a casual and loving situation. As I replayed the event over and over in my mind I had to face the simple fact that I just didn’t care about the gospel like I should have.

Are we so focused on our own beliefs that we forget to reach out to others? We treat Christianity like a club of exclusivity. Jesus said knock and the door will be open. When people knock on our doors can we hear them over our “worship”?


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