Dancing through the chaos

Sometimes we just go through crummy times in life. Often things can seem more disastrous than they actually are. Other times they are just as disastrous as they appear. Discouragement is the battle cry of the enemy. A life dwelled in discouragement eventually leads to a fall. It is simply inevitable. Sometimes life just isn’t working out right.

There is a song by Mercyme. The first lines say, “If you had a dime for every time it rained on this parade you’re marching in called life You’d start to wonder if someone out there’s got your number.” Sometimes we feel like this. We feel like any attempt to stand back up results in a few more kicks to get back down. The chorus of this song is pretty simple. It doesn’t have a deep theological answer. It does not quote the overquoted Scripture passages at you. It says something very simple. The verse ends by saying, “Hold your breath, breath in deep, remember”. What we are to remember is “You know it’s going to be alright”.

Sometimes you aren’t going to just be lifted out of the mess that life is at. Sometimes you are just going to need to bear with it. Sometimes you just need to say you are going to hold your breath and ride this thing out because God is still there. You may not see the end of this difficulty, but God is aware of it, and he has things taken care of. All you need to do is just hang in there.

The bridge to this song should be a common saying amongst Christians. “Count it pure joy when the world comes crashing. Hold your head up and keep on dancing.” Our first reaction when the world seems to come crashing is to mope around and sit in our own self-pity. Maybe it is time to just get up and dance through the chaos.

Chaos is something that is just going to exist around us. It is here to stay until Jesus comes to reign, and put all things back in proper order. We can either live in darkness through that chaos, or dance through it to come out on the other end.

Imagine the testimony we would have. People would look at us and wonder how we could have so much joy in the midst of devastation and trials. How could we live so happily? How could we be dancing through this chaotic world without discouragement and depression? Hold your head up. Hold it up higher than eye level. Hold it up to a God who sees past the chaos.

We may look silly dancing through this chaos. We make look like utter fools as the world seems to be falling down around us, but that is just because people do not see what we do. People look at us in those moments and see a fool dancing alone, but we see something different. We see a partner dancing through this chaos with us. We follow Him step by step around the destruction and pain. It’s a dance unlike any other you will ever experience. Let’s dance through the chaos together shall we?


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