The gospel is for ugly people too

What qualifications are you placing for people to receive salvation? What behaviors from a person are keeping you from telling them about Christ? We get plenty of things backwards. We have a habit of doing things in the wrong order. It saddens me when we fall into this trap of the gospel.

We want people to act saved before they become saved. We want them to live a life that is reflective of a Christian attitude in order for them to become a Christian. Don’t believe me? Just look at where so many of the average Christians discussions rest on with non-Christians. It is things like adultery, homosexuality, abortion, alcohol, drugs, etc.

We tell ourselves that people will only be able to come to Christ when they turn from some issues they have in their life. This is just wrong. There is a lot that goes on in the moment of salvation. The individual realizes he has sin in his life and what that means for him. He understands there is nothing he can do to change that. He realizes that only Christ can bring him salvation. He did not act like a Christian before he became a Christian though.

This is what we call sanctification. Sanctification is the process of growth in the Christian life. It is where we work to become more and more like Christ. We will not fix everything in our lives following a profession of faith. The porn addict still needs to detox from his addiction. The alcoholic will still fight urges to go back into his former lifestyle.

A change on views in abortion is not what is going to get someone saved. A change on other issues like drugs, alcohol, homosexuality, or any other hot topic issue with Christians will not bring about salvation. Why then do we keep acting like it will.

We look to the politicians to bring about new laws that will bring us back to being a “Christian nation”. Since when did laws decide if a country was Christian? We think we need to clean up people’s lives before they can come to Jesus. When we do that we spit in the face of the gospel. The beauty of the cross is that it is ugly. Seriously, the cross is ugly. It is the symbol of an ugly death that happened for the sake of ugly sins, and it is for ugly people to come and fall down on their knees in repentance.

The gospel doesn’t demand ugly people become beautiful in order to accept it. It invites ugly people to come and experience a new life full of beauty. Presenting the gospel is not a fight for ideals, laws, or even worldviews. It is a fight for the heart and soul of the individual. All the other stuff comes later.

I personally am so thankful that the gospel is for ugly people, because I was an ugly person. I took time to get out of the mess I was in once I turned my life over to Christ. Yes I was thankful that there were people in my life willing to tell me my choices were wrong, but they realized Christ was what was needed to change my life. We need to stop waiting for people to get their act together for us to share the gospel, and start sharing it with the ugly people because they are the ones who need it.


8 responses to “The gospel is for ugly people too

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  2. What a beautiful post (pun not intended)! It is so true that we often try to “fix” people rather than introduce them to the grace of Jesus. Grace that we all have received despite our ugly habits and sins.

    I love how you brought out the fact that our Sanctification (spiritual sanitation) is an ongoing process. One day, when we all get to Heaven, this will finally be complete! Thank you for the great post! I am going to follow your blog.

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