Would believers want you voted off?

There are plenty of things going on right now that I could write about. See you at the pole has finished, and there has been some nasty backlash form others. It would be easy for me to get on a soapbox and cry out injustice in this post, but I will not do it for a couple of reasons. One is that it wouldn’t really be beneficial. This blog is meant to challenge others rather than preach to the choir. Second reason is that while this incident can provide some challenging things for us I need to sit back and cool off first. Nasty insults and failure of logic can make even the sanest man go crazy. So instead I will be discussing survivor.

Yes, one of my guilty pleasures is survivor. This past week’s episode was “interesting”. There was a woman who made it known she is a Christian who went to seminary. The episode focused on her spending time in prayer and the response of the other players over it. Now if you watched this episode then you may be hoping I will talk about another woman who clearly showed prejudice towards this Christian for praying. You’re not going to hear that form me today either though. She also said some interesting things that would make a good post for another day, but it is not my job to police the atheists for being atheists. My issue with the whole situation was the behavior with the Christian woman.

Now let me be candid. My issue was not over speaking in tongues. If you bring that topic up in the comments it is likely going to get a boot because it will detract from the actual topic of this post. You have been warned. It may seem weird that I even bring this up, but there is usually at least one person that jumps on a topic like this if it is not warned against to begin with. My real issue was the she just gave Christians a bad name.

She was simply lazy and nasty towards her other teammates. She made multiple comments to a woman’s face about how she must have had breast implants. She rolled her eyes at everyone who disagreed with her. She showed off arrogance and pride. The kicker though was the she would end everything with “God bless them”. Really? I mean seriously? Wishing them well through God makes everything else ok?

Stop pretending people. You cannot say and do whatever you want, but then throw out a disclaimer to make everything you said and did ok. You can’t treat people like garbage, but then say “I am praying for you” as though that is supposed to make everything better. The sad thing is that we use this tactic far to often.

We use it when we evangelize. “You are a harlot who is going to hell, but I am praying for your soul”… wouldn’t it be better and more tactful to say, “We are all sinners, and there is a consequence for that sin, but God loved us so much that He made a new way for us. Is there anything going on in your life that you would like me to be praying about?” Pretending to show care and concern is not really doing it.

This woman went on a reality TV show openly proclaiming her Christianity and praying, but in the same breath would spew out insults and pride towards others. She hated how two non-Christians were acting between each other and chucked it up as them being a danger in the game. She wanted to use the game to show her disapproval of another person’s lifestyle, and it showed. The sad thing was I found myself rooting for her tribe to vote her off. I did not want this woman on my TV representing my God.

Would Christians root for you or against you on a reality TV show? That is an interesting question to ask. Would I make others in my faith feel comfortable with my representation of them, or would they want to see me get out at the first opportunity?

Life is the real reality tv show. How are we representing Christ for others to see?


2 responses to “Would believers want you voted off?

  1. Between this post and the “The Real Problem” post, you bring up such an important topic: real Christians and how the faith is seen by the world. The faith is homogenized in a way that would never be tolerated by unbelievers themselves.The judgment has no reciprocity, and I even had someone say to me a few weeks ago that as a Christian I would have no idea what it was like to be attacked for my beliefs.

    Of course, there are plenty of Christians that give Christianity a bad name, now and throughout history. What is really depressing is that sometimes I am one of them. I really loved the way I read it one time: “If you were taken to court to be sentenced for being a Christian, would there be enough evidence to convict you?”

    • “What is really depressing is that sometimes I am one of them.” That is perhaps the most painful confession any Christian can give, and one that we all probably have opportunity to do at some point in our lives. Good words.

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