Pride, sin, salvation, and sticker grass

The other day I was outside and bent down to grab something off the grass. As I pulled my hand back up I felt this annoying on my finger. I began to shake my hand, but the pain just became worse. As I look down on my finger I saw a small piece of sticker grass. The more I tried to shake it off the more pointy needles embedded into my skin and went deeper. The longer it stayed on my finger the more it hurt. It quickly was become more than a small nuisance.

I reached for the sticker grass with my other hand and pulled it off my finger. Obviously this was a stupid decision because now these needles were simply pushed into my other finger even deeper than the other one was. My finger began to bleed. Whenever I kept using one part of my flesh to relieve another part of my flesh the pain would get even worse. I would make a bigger mess of the situation. No matter how hard I tried, my hands weren’t getting rid of this painful problem.

Sin is like that. It often start out as a simple nuisance that we try and remove ourselves, and it quickly grows out of our control and is pretty soon the only thing we can focus on. It is simply damaging. Leaving it alone only gives it time to grow and become more painful. Trying to remove sin usually leads to a bigger mess.

We think we can handle the problem on our own. We us our own power and our own corrupt flesh to try and fix our sin. We use our pride and strength to remove the problems in our lives. What we do not realize is we are using the very things sin feeds off of to try and rid it from our lives. Sin is nasty business and we rarely take it as seriously as we need to.

Sin that is not dealt with usually brings about bigger problems. Sin dealt with by human means usually leads to more pain and discouragement. We force ourselves to unnecessarily suffer through our sin. The first step to dealing with sin requires us to humble ourselves before God.

God is the only thing that can safely remove sin form our lives. Christ’s sacrifice on the cross has washed us white as snow. We already have the solution to the sin probably, but we repeatedly move towards that solution as a last resort. We are ashamed to come to God in our sin. We lack the humility to come before him. We are still holding on to tightly to our pride.

A life of dependence on God has no room for pride. Pride engulfs any other quality that a person attempts to have. Pride does not share its power, glory, or praise. It is a one man show. Pride allows for nothing else. It makes no room for humility, compassion, a kind heart, worship, gratitude, or peace. A man living in pride will be consumed by it and only be a shell of who he once was. Pride only has one ally, and that is hidden sin. It protects it from all forms of attack and devastation. It is a shield that refuses to be penetrated. The only thing that can pierce its defense is truth.

The truth is simply this. God was willing to make the ultimate act of humility by coming down on this earth in the form of man to pay a price that none of us ever could due to our pride and sin. It was a selfless act of love that took pain and sorrow. It is the true story of a God who died for us on a symbol that had always been associated as a symbol of shame, humiliation, suffering, and death. He rose from the dead and has forever cast the same symbol of a cross as a symbol of hope, life, and salvation. Stop trying to take the sticker grass off your finger using your own flesh. Start humbling yourself before the Lord.


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