Some people just want to see you sin

Some people just want to see us fall. People want to prove that we are no better than them. They want to see us act impurely in order to make them feel more justified in their lifestyle. Some people call it peer pressure others call it bullying. In the end it is just simple temptation.

In High School I worked at an adventure park. I was a go-kart operator. As frustrating as the job was I appreciated my co-workers. None of them were Christian, but they had a strange respect for my morals. Even though I did not want to be a part of that life they wanted to cheer me on, and see me keep to my standards. They were respectful of how I lived my life.

During the winter the go-kart track would close down and I would have to work inside at the arcade. This area of the park was a whole different realm. Christianity was considered a joke. The managers that worked there who professed to be Christians were worse than most “heathens” you would meet. It was a nightmare. It didn’t take long for one of the guys to figure out I was a virgin. I willing offered the information when asked about it. This guy was shocked. He proceeded to make it his mission to help me “get laid”. What a surprise he faced when I told him my virginity was by choice. “You mean you actually try not to have sex?” Yes this concept was a total novelty to him.

It became a game to him. He wished to entice me to fall form the standard I had for myself. He told girls about my “problem”. I had girls offer to help me lose my virginity. This guy was determined to make me fall. When he realized good old fashion temptation was not working he switched to mocking me for my standard. If he could make me feel as though there was something wrong with being a virgin then he could make me slip from my standard.

At one point the mocking became increasingly harsh. He just wouldn’t let up. Some people think we need to be a doormat towards unbelievers. If they mock us we should just let it slide. I believe you can stand up for yourself without crossing the line. The mocking ended when he made the unfortunately inaccurate statement, “You’re not a man until you have sex.” I looked him straight in the eye and said, “If being a man means being incapable of giving into bodily urges and lacking total willpower to say no then I will opt out of manhood.” No one spoke of my virginity after that.

Countless Christians face this situation. People want to see us fall. They want to prove that no one can live a life like that. They want to make us sin so they can have an excuse to say that what we believe is fake. Some people simply entice us to sin so that we will sin.

What does this mean for you and me? When we make known what are standards are to others than we should expect to face temptation from them. Not everyone will be this way towards you, but it is almost certain that you will face this kind of difficulty at times. It means we need to choose cautiously who we count as our closest of friends. You do not want to spend the majority of your time with someone who pushes you towards sin, but rather with someone who will call you out on your sin.

No matter what anyone tells you your higher standards does not make you appear “holier than thou”, stupid, or unrealistic. I have found that when I continue to stand my ground in those kinds of moments that I show one of the best testimonies I can. Some Christians will tell you the world needs to hear us call out against its sins more often. I think we need to take a step back first. We need to start by showing the world that we will stand ground against its enticement. Evangelistic opportunities have always been more bountiful when the discussion starts with being asked why I refrain from a sin rather than condemning someone for theirs.


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