The focus on the present

Finally back to put up some posts again. The past few days have been both exciting and crazy. My wife and I have been home since Saturday as we try and get used to this new phase of life. It’s been a crazy one. Watching my son in his first few days of life has already helped me see things differently, and sometimes just a little more clearly.

Newborn infants can be pretty demanding. Their mood can change without a moment’s notice. It can almost get to be a little overwhelming. While in the hospital nurses would need to check Ezra at different points and do random tests to make sure everything was in order. Sometimes it involved cold metal objects being place on his skin while other times it required a needle being stuck in his skin. He hated it with a passion. In those moments the only thing he could focus on was the pain and uncomfortable nature of the event. He would fight hard to keep people from doing what they needed to do to him. He was entirely engrossed in the moment.

We tend to be like this with hardships in life. Sometimes it is through a crisis in life over a loved one. Other times we desperately seek Gods direction with what seems to be no clear answer. Sometimes we just face a hard trial through the loss of work, death, illness, etc. In those moments all we ever seem to do is focus on the hardship. We fail to look past it and remind ourselves that this event is serving a purpose.

When those tests were being done on Ezra they were being performed for a purpose. It was to ensure his good health. Those hardships were used to protect him, and make him stronger. The thing was that I could try and explain this to Ezra all day long, but he would be simply incapable of understanding it. The only choice he has in the end is to trust that his parents will be there for him, hug him afterwards, and keep him safe in the end. It requires a remarkable amount of dependence on his part, and a large amount of patience on mine.

Sometimes I think even if God tried to explain to us the reason for our hardship in the moment we would not be able to really understand it. Sometimes we are too focused on the pain of the present that the future is impossible to comprehend. It is in those moments that we simply need to stop to breath and trust in God. His patience towards us in those moments has to be astronomical. Imagine how much more effective our hardships would be if we took those moments to lean on God and depend entirely on Him.

I may not understand why some of the things happen to me. I don’t even understand everything that is happening to me in my current stage of life. However, I am ok with not understanding. I am going to trust that God is uses my hardships to lead me down a new road that He has set up for me. I guarantee you you will not always understand, but I can always guarantee you that you will come through when you depend on the one who fully understands.


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