Obama, sex, and culture

I realize I am behind the ball on this topic, but not too long ago there was a new Obama campaign ad that came out. It was a young woman who began comparing voting for Obama like losing your virginity. “You want your first time to be with a guy that understands and respects women.” That is just one of the many lines in the ad. On the one hand the person who thought up this ad was a moron. In trying to reach out to a select audience he isolated another. Granted some would argue Obama never stood a chance in getting that crowd to begin with, but if a president is giving up on trying to appeal to me then he doesn’t deserve to be president. However, that is beside the point. There is a problem. While on one had the creator of this ad was a moron, on the other he was brilliant. He had a specific crowd to target, and he pulled it off with a masterful stroke, and that says something about our culture. That something presents a huge problem.

Ad people create things that they know will appeal to their audience. Some people look at this ad hate the Obama campaign because they feel they are corrupting our young adults with an ad like this. No no no no no. The situation is far worse. This ad tells me that that age group is already there. The problem is that the Obama campaign knew this would appeal to a select group. What does that say about our culture today?

It tells us that our culture and young adults thing the loss of virginity should not be connected with marriage. It tells us that the important discussion about sex should be over “safe sex”. It tells us that losing your virginity is almost an expectation. It tells us the most important paradigm shift that has happened over the years in media. Who you lose your virginity to is important based on whether or not you love them and care about them.

It’s a sneaky plan. Satan has used our culture to show that sex is important, but he has changed the requirements. Look on tv shows where sex is discussed with a teenager. The teenager is always told sex should be saved for someone you really care about and love. Marriage has been left out of the equation, but the media tells us that sex is still important. It tries to compromise to both sides of the issue. There is a problem with this philosophy. How many times did you emotions make you think you were in love, but really weren’t? It’s happened to me plenty of times. If this philosophy is true then love and sex today are cheap. This is why guys tell girls they love them on a whim so they can get what they want out of them. Girls, don’t give away your body based on some words a guy says. Guys are far more intelligent than you think.

This ad didn’t do anything to change the minds of young adults about sex. Their thoughts are already there. This ad is simply appealing to the philosophy they have already adopted. Call me old fashioned, but I think the philosophy is a dangerous one to have.

My wife and I were pretty extreme old school in our dating life. We waited to kiss until we got married. Some of you may be wondering where Scripture says it is a sin to kiss your girlfriend, and the truth is it doesn’t. I would never tell someone it is a sin to kiss their boyfriend/girlfriend, because there is nothing to tell me that is true. I wanted to have a clear line though. I knew there were aspects to the physical part of the relationship that really were wrong, and I wanted to ensure I would not cross them. I don’t regret it. Not for a second.

Maybe you are reading this as a young adult and wrestling with this philosophy. I would encourage you to stand firm on waiting until marriage. The main things I have always regretted in past relationships is the physical elements, and I was still a virgin on my wedding day. Add to it the main point that God says sex is specifically for marriage. It is not for puppy love, curiosity, recreation, fun, or even what you consider to be devoted love. If you are truly in love and devoted to someone then marry them. Sex is a way to express your love, but it signifies a union between man and wife where for a brief time they strive to be one in every way. It’s a beautiful thing, but very fragile and easily damaged.

If you are a parent with teenagers and are worried about their view on sex I would encourage you to first pray for them. Pray they would close out what the world tells them is ok about sex. I would then encourage honest discussion. Parents don’t talk about sex like they need to when their kids. I can promise you this, even though they are not hearing about sex from you they are certainly hearing it everywhere else. It is literally unavoidable. You can either be ahead of the game or behind it.

Maybe you are simply someone angry about the Obama campaign for this horrendous ad. My question to you is why would you expect anything different? It’s ok to have some anger, but turn that into compassion and sympathy for a culture that resonates with that ad. After that get off your computer, go out into the world, and show it there is another option and it is not nearly as outdated and worthless as everyone says.


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    Fletcher Abbott with with me to Kenya this past May and after hanging out with him and the rest of our motley crew, I’ve never learned so much so quickly. His blogs are teaching me so much as well. I can say for a fact that I have messed up dealing with this aspect many times but I know God’s grace covers me and everyone else’s sins and Fletch believes that as well. Take time to read this and others that he posts.

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