The lie of yolo

A few weeks ago a college professor wrote something on his facebook status that got my mind turning. His basic premise was that we have a new generation called that goes by the “yolo” motto. This is a dangerous philosophy to have and a deceptive lie that the enemy has had rooted as truth in countless individuals.

When I read his statement it really hit me about what had been bothering me about this motto all along. It’s the yolo motto “You only live once”. It has always rubbed me the wrong way, but I could never really figure out exactly what irked me. It was beyond the annoying repetitive nature of the phrase that I hear over and over again. There was something about the actual statement itself that bothered me. Reading Dr. Brown’s thoughts made me realize what was bothering me. It is one ginormous lie that has so many false assumptions, and leads down an inevitable path of emptiness.

Let’s start with the foundational lie to this phrase. If you believe what I believe then you can see the problem with it. You do not only live once, and I am not talking about reincarnation. There is an afterlife. It is very real. Depending on a choice you make in this world will dictate how that afterlife will be like for you. There are two destinations when you depart form this earth. That foundational lie is deceptive enough, but there is another layer to it that is what I believe has really gotten hold of people today.

People may look at this and wonder what is the harm with this philosophy of yolo? It instills a desire to take chances. It pushes us to be daring and to live life to the fullest. What could possibly be wrong with that? There is something very wrong with it. What kind of life to the fullest are you trying to live? Yolo inspires us to live life in the most pleasurable way possible. It pushes us to live all for self. It gives into the popular philosophy of being inward focused.

It’s a serious problem in our world today. It is the idea that we are to do whatever makes us happy in the moment. Whatever brings us pleasure and gratification is what we should strive for. Pleasure itself is not wrong. We all like some of the comforts of life. I enjoy good food, friendship, movies, music, etc. These are all things that bring me pleasure in life. However, the philosophy of whatever is pleasing does not automatically mean what is best.

Samson struggled with that mistake when he looked for a woman that was against God’s law for him to marry. He did not care though and told his parents to fetch her for him because “She is pleasing to my eyes.” Eve made this mistake to while she was in the garden. “So when the woman saw that the tree was good for food, and that it was a delight to the eyes”. I bet she wished she did not live under the philosophy of yolo. She wished she did not act based of what she believed would give her pleasure in the moment.

Scripture is filled with individuals who took to the philosophy of living in the moment. They held onto the idea of seeking whatever pleases them at that point in life. Solomon married hundreds of women, David had sex with a married woman, Adam and Eve ate fruit they were told not to, and humanity as a whole at times lived under the idea of doing what was right and pleasing in their own eyes.

It’s time for us to live our lives with a Kingdom mindset. A kingdom mindset not only guides our actions to be pleasing and honoring to God, but it also pushes us to live our lives to advance God’s Kingdom for others. Out citizenship is in heaven. Shouldn’t we wish to see that citizenship increase. I am so thankful yolo is a lie. I am so grateful that this old, broken, painful life is not the only one I have. I plan on living this life now with that in mind.


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