A Lesson from Two and a Half Men

Maybe you have heard of this whole chaos surrounding the Two and a Half Men show. Angus Jones expressed a change of heart a few days ago in a youtube video. He told people that they need to stop watching the show? Why this change in heart? He found God. He turned towards Jesus and found that the show he was on was garbage. He expressed this view publicly, and like wild fire it spread across the media.

As expected he faced some outlandish backlash form people. The popular statement was to call him a hypocrite. If he felt this way then why did he choose to be on the show? Why would he speak so poorly of the show that made him rich and famous? Now I think Angus has made some blunders in this whole thing, but this is not one of them. If anyone tells you he is a hypocrite for changing his mind then you need to call them out on it. We all change our mind on things. Angus was on a show form a young age, converted to Christianity, and discovered that this show does not agree with the life he is now choosing to live. This does not make Angus a hypocrite. It makes him bold.

However, He is still learning how to live this life, and I think there is a lesson we can learn from this. We need to be prepared to go all in. Since the backlash Angus has started to backpedal on the issue. He made a half apology to the crew of the show expressing his respect towards all of him, and that it was never his intention to offend. He also has said nothing about trying to break his contract with the show. He acknowledges the show is filth, but remains on it.

First things first. When we speak truth we can’t be surprised that we will offend people. When we speak out on something being wrong we need to realize that people will not like it. It may not be our intention to offend, but it is our intention to speak truth, and the truth is offensive. There is no getting around that. You will never see me apologize for telling the truth. I won’t do it. I will speak it with love and kindness to the best of my ability, but I will not apologize for it.

The other side to this is the need to be willing to be completely sold out to what you start. I’m not here to bash anyone for watching the show. I have never seen it myself, but Angus made it clear he thought the show goes against his conscience. Why would he not just quit the show then? It’s hard not to speculate. The first obvious guess would be that it is an issue of money. This leads to an interesting question for all of us. What keeps us from going all in for Christ?

What keeps you from being the follower you need to be? Is it fame? Is it fortune? Is it popularity? Is it entertainment? Is it pride? Is it an addiction? What keeps you from setting aside whatever issue remains to make yourself fully devoted to Christ?

Angus made a bold step in speaking out on something that was a big part of his life. His half-heartedness though hurt his cause. For the time being he will be declared a hypocrite for receiving money for continuing to do episodes for a show he believes goes against his faith. What in your life is making the people around you point at you saying, “hypocrite”? It’s a tough question to ask with an even tougher answer to swallow.


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