Thoughts over the war on Christmas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. It’s always exciting as we move closer to the time of Christmas and begin the anticipation of all that we celebrate. No doubt we will also run into a “war” we face every year around this time. It is the often portrayed “War on Christmas”. I have already seen headlines over events this week that suggest this war is continuing on in its apparently destructive pattern. For those who celebrate Christmas I wish to remind you of a few things before we shout out our war cries this time of year.

1. Not everyone celebrates Christmas. We shouldn’t expect everyone to do so either. Not everyone believes in God. Not everyone believes that Jesus was born of a Virgin Mary and died for our sins. Should this sadden us? Certainly. Should we mourn for those who go down a path that our faith says leads to destruction? Of course. Should we be angered at them? I would say no.

2. The stores aren’t all Christian either. Let us be realistic here. There are Jews, Mormons, Muslims, Christians, etc. who celebrate different Holidays while not celebrating others. Sometimes I think we need to remind ourselves how those with false information on Christianity can be truly offended by our beliefs. There are Jews who still believe Adolf Hitler was a Christian who believed he was performing genocide on the Jews by the direction of God. While this is obviously completely inaccurate that fear is there. We can either waste our time boycotting those stores who say happy Holidays to all their customers of multiple religions, or we could try and help erase this wrongful stigma of Christians.

3. Writing Xmas is not from Satan. It is not taking Christ out of Christmas. Are some people intending it that way? I suppose it is possible, but maybe it just pops out more for advertising reasons. Maybe it just saved money on print. Maybe it just stands out more. If we are going to get really technical then we just go all the way back and remember that X was the first letter in the Greek language that spelled out Christ. Constantine had a symbol referring to Christ by using “X” in it. This leads into another big point.

4. Christ cares more about where He is in your heart than he does about how much you worry about other people spelling Christmas the right way. Sometimes we get so focused on how the rest of the country is supposed to acknowledge Christmas that we fail to celebrate it properly ourselves. It’s become one big joke, and we have played a big role in it.

5. “They wouldn’t do this to other holidays” is a false argument. Walk into a store. Do they greet you with “happy Hanukkah”, or “Happy Kwanzaa”? No? Then they are simply singling out Christmas. It’s an old argument that should be put back up on the shelf. “Happy holidays” means they are doing the same thing to all holidays. Sometimes they can go overboard. Whenever someone tried to call a Christmas tree a holiday tree I simply respond, “That’s like calling a menorah a holiday candlestick”. It’s true that society can go overboard. However, that is all the more reason to make sure we do not go overboard ourselves.

6. The war over Christmas undermines the purpose of Christmas. We should be sharing this good news to the world rather than lashing out at the world in anger. We cannot demand the entire country to celebrate Christmas under the Christian religion. We cannot expect the secular stores to cater specifically to us while ignoring the other faiths. To put it simply, we cannot expect the unsaved to act saved. All we can do is share the good news about true peace on earth that extends beyond men. It is a peace between man and God himself.

The simple fact of all of this is that I don’t want to spend my Christmas celebration worrying about and enforcing how unbelievers celebrate this holiday. I want to focus on remembering what my God creator did by sending down his son to live as a man who felt pain, sadness, fatigue, hunger, temptation, and even death so that I could live. No amount of “happy holidays” “Xmas” or any other secularization is going to diminish how I celebrate Christmas in my heart.

Let’s celebrate! Our king and savior has arrived!


One response to “Thoughts over the war on Christmas

  1. Thank you, Fletcher. Lord knows some people need to hear this. I say the same thing every year, but I’m a dirty, godless liberal and many use that as an excuse to tune me out. 😛 Here’s hoping it doesn’t fall on deaf ears coming out of your mouth, as you put it quite nicely and succinctly. 🙂

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