We can win the argument but lose the soul.

Such a simple truth that so many people fail to realize. Sometimes I feel like there are those who share the gospel just to try and win an argument. I realize I can find some rejoicing since the gospel is still being proclaimed as we find Paul mention in Scripture. However, for the benefit of my brothers and sisters in Christ I want to give a plea and warning of wrongful motivations in sharing the gospel. We aren’t out to win the argument. Our hearts should be burdened to enlighten those who are currently in the hands of the enemy who can destroy both body and soul. A win an a argument for you does not mean a loss for the enemy.

It can be difficult. There are those who hunger to pick a fight with us. They will resort to the most crude fallacies and language to get us frustrated. Their logic will be abysmal in every front. Their temper will be on the brink of boiling for the entire conversation. They want to see us explode. They want to see us slip up. They want us to fail so they can ignore the conscience for a little longer. They want to be justified in their rejection of what we have to say. Sadly we are too often willing to indulge them.

I often hear the arguments from 99% of those with only a High school diploma say, “Do you really think you understand things better than those scientists who say evolution is true?” It would be painfully easy for me to point out the flaw. It would be so simple to destroy them with logic and point out just how little they grasp about what they are even defending, but where would it get me? A little boost in my pride? A little pop in my step?

I will gladly lay myself on the ground as a fool if it means sparking a thought in the mind of another. I’m not here to win a debate. I’m not here to prove to the fool how much of a fool he is. I’m here to tend to those in need and proclaim the gospel to all. If they choose not to listen then they can choose to do so. I will not let myself by the reason for them choosing to ignore the gospel though. I will not let pointless arguing make them forget about what it is I am trying to tell them in the first place.

On one of my travels by air I was delayed in Chicago. I sat down at a restaurant for some lunch when a gentleman came over and asked if he could sit at the table with me. It did not take too long until our conversation very naturally steered towards a spiritual direction. When the discussion went towards the direction of my belief the man wanted to argue. He wanted to point out how he felt I was wrong. He wanted to tell me how foolish it was that I believed the Bible could really be the word of God. I gave my reasons, and I could have spent an hour debating nuances to my faith, but I knew it would to get me anywhere. I had very little time with this man. I knew I wanted to at least get the main gospel points across. He left shortly after. I know he was offended by my speaking truth. I know he was offended by my responses to his questions. I still spoke the truth. I lost the argument. We both did, but I accomplished what God had called me to do.

If we are obedient to God we will lose according to the world’s standard on a pretty regular basis. I’m not saying we shouldn’t defend our faith. I’m not saying we shouldn’t answer questions others have about what we believe, but the moment you focus more on winning the argument in a gospel presentation than you do reaching out to the soul of the individual you have lost. We need to constantly bring it back to God and His authority. That is what Jesus did with the woman at the well. She wanted to argue nuance issues between their religions, but he kept bringing it back to the heart issue. He understood that she needed healing. Jesus grasped that everyone deep down inside understood that need even if they were unwilling to admit it.

We can argue until we are blue in the face, but a win in the argument does not mean we have been obedient to Christ. Any people have one an argument with an unbeliever without ever mentioned Sin, Jesus Christ, Salvation, and eternity. As we walk away from those conversations laughing at the foolishness of the unbeliever Satan walks with the loser laughing at the pride of the believer.


5 responses to “We can win the argument but lose the soul.

  1. exactly exactly exactly !

    i would be willing to lose an argument everyday just to gain 1 soul my entire life. yes, i am learning.

    a lot of talks has been going on lately regarding Grace and Law.

    should we do this or that? should we not do this or that?

    at the end of the day, the one who stands up is the one who didn’t win the argument, but the one who showed his ground.

    many claim to be “under grace”, and yet does not exhibit grace
    many claim to be “under law”, and yet does not exhibit obedience

    to the Law, it is when one truly obeys everything in it.
    to grace, it is when grace comes as a revelation one truly understands

    – grace and peace

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