Delighting in the Lord’s provision

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Everyone comes naked form their mother’s womb, and as everyone comes, so they depart. They take nothing from their toil that they can carry in their hands. – Ecclesiastes 5:15

“Enjoy present wealth. Enjoy work. Enjoy food and good weather, happy moments and quiet afternoons. But enjoy it not as the destination but as the rest stop along the way, as a glimpse of heaven and a coming inheritance.” – Live Second 57

Enjoy what God has given you. A simply enough lesson, but one with such complex balance that it can be easy to fall off the path at a moment’s notice. So much struck me as I went through this day and meditated on what I was learning from it. For starters I realized the need to have emphasis on enjoying what God has given me. These are not simply things to enjoy because I feel I have earned them. These are precious gifts from God. Laughter with family, a good book, an enjoyable movie, spending time with my wife, playing with my son. All of these are things that have been given to me. They were not brought about simply through my hard work in life.

These thing are also not what I should strive to live for. They are good things, and are good to be valued. God delights when I delight in His blessings, but in the end I will leave all of these things behind. None of this will matter for me as an individual in an eternal perspective. They are blessings to remind me of the joy that waits for me at the other end of this world.

If God can give me such wonderful blessings, and bring me a measure of joy in such a dark, bleak, and spiteful world, then just imagine the unending joy that waits for us in an afterlife where there will be no more pain or tears. It is such a simple concept with such richness in its truth.

I am blessed by God for two reasons. One is to be a blessing upon others. When I am filled with joy I strive to help others experience that joy. My mind goes form the enjoyment of this world into an eternal perspective for others. The other is to delight in what waits for me after my last breath. Men hunger for wealth and success in this world for the sole purpose of gaining more of it. They make money in order to make more money. Blessings from God are to be enjoyed. By catching small glimpses of His kingdom and makes me homesick for where I really belong.

What does this mean for real success in my life? Real success is not to be found in my wealth. It is not to be found in how many students I have in my ministry. It is not to be found in how perfect my family looks to the world. No, success is to be found in enjoying everything God has given me which means enjoying every moment of life. It means soaking it all in. Our journey with this is nearly at an end. I have saved what I believe is the best for last. It is the lesson that snuck up on me when I least expected it. Until then I beg you to simply do this. Find a loved one, give them a hug, and bask in what Godly success is. Bask in catching a glimpse of heaven. Hold tight to that and have a heart for those who have not realized this very simple, but rich truth.


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