What do I do when I sin?

Failure can lead us down a dangerous road. Failure against temptation can be the most devastating of all. There is always so much discussion about how to keep from sinning. Books are written about resisting temptation. Sermons are preached on how to live a Godly life. There is that nagging issue though. No matter how hard we try we still sin sometimes. What then? What do we do when we have sinned? I’m not sure why it is not talked about very often. Perhaps people fear it gives off the idea that we expect to sin therefore we will go ahead and give into sin. Perhaps we think it endorses sinning. We try and avoid the old “sin now and ask for forgiveness later”.

We do sin though. That is a problem. What is an even bigger problem is there are so many who do not know what to do once they have sinned. They become lost and go astray like a sheep who wanders from its shepherd. We make a bad situation even worse. We become overrun with guilt and hide our face from God. We cannot bear to face him because we feel dirty.

There are some things I want you to remember when you sin.

1. God will still forgive you. Believers will sin against God. Is it wrong? Yes. Should we be ashamed of sin? Yes. Should we hate it? Yes. However, we must remember that God will still forgive us of our sin. We are not defined by our mistakes. We no longer need to go on living in that sin. We are not enslaved to it any longer. Satan hates that we have been freed from his captivity, and will try anything he can to trick us into feeling as though we are in chains again. One way is by convincing us that God loves us less when we sin, and will not forgive us for it.

2. You need to repent of your sin. It is more than just acknowledging your sin. You need to confess it, and turn away from it. Too often we live in the guilt of the past rather than with a confessed tongue of the future. We must confess our sins to God, and I even encourage confessing to a brother or sister in Christ.

3. Don’t hide from God. It is a natural instinct. We want to avoid Him when we fail. We do not want to face the guilt and shame of answering to Him when we have sinned. This is one way how sin divides us from God. Sin encourages us to run from God in fear. We are afraid of the consequences. We are afraid to face our guilt. However, without facing God we can never receive healing. Healing form sin requires the need to be purified by fire.

4. Don’t withdraw from loved ones. When we struggle with a sin we often feel naked. We feel as though anyone could see right through us. Don’t withdraw from those who care about you when you sin. Satan is an accuser and wants to get us alone when we have sinned. He wants us to feel as though we are stuck in darkness.

5. Go forth and sin no more. Don’t keep returning to that sin. Don’t live in it. Don’t dwell on it. Don’t live in its past. Don’t make it part of your future. Ignoring these other points will lead you on a path to living in that sin. Hiding from God will require you to fill the void with sin. Failing to repent will keep you from having a broken heart towards the sin. Hiding form loved ones takes away all your accountability on avoiding that sin. Failure to acknowledge God’s forgiveness makes you lose all hope to fight against temptation. If you believe you are damaged goods then you will act like damaged goods.

6. Most importantly remember that you are still loved. I was loved in the midst of my sin, and that realization made all the difference in the world. I want you to know today that you are still loved no matter your past.


6 responses to “What do I do when I sin?

  1. Words of wisdom to live by, for sure. Further, sin is simply a man-made construct designed to make us feel guilty and unworthy. Sin is, in reality, wrong choices which are a by-product of our free will which God gave us knowing full well that we would make such choices.

  2. I for one, is vehemently against sin and sinning

    but, victory over sin is not based on what we do.

    we cannot conquer sin by merely repenting, confessing and turning away from it

    its not the command “don’t sin” that gives us the power to not sin.

    if sin can be dealt this way, then Jesus would have not shed His blood and died for us.

    when we sin, which we will anyway, theres only one thing that we need to remember

    1. ALL our sins – past present and future sins are forgiven. yes all.

    if we cannot accept that our Future sins are forgiven, then we aren’t forgiven at all in our conscience.
    with God, we are forgiven in the future for Jesus was past when He died for our sins

    the power over sin is the gift of no condemnation,

    “go and sin no more” is a powerful word from Jesus after He said
    “Neither do I condemn you”

    “For sin shall have no dominion over you for you are not under Law but Grace”
    – Romans 6:14

    “the strength of sin is the Law”
    – 1 Corinthians 15:56

    repentance is not merely turning away from sin, but turning to Jesus who took away all your sins

    repentance means changing of mind, therefore we change our mind about sin,
    we used to think confession forgives sin
    but now we think sin is already forgiven, past present and future sins

    – grace and peace

    • I, for one, don’t believe in the concept of sin. But if I did, I wouldn’t be able to accept the morality that my future sins would automatically be forgiven. There would be no moral imperative, under those circumstances, to act godly.

    • Interesting discussion. Savedbygrace, I think you may be misunderstanding some of my post. Of course the power against sin comes from Christ. I would think you have read enough of my posts to know i feel this way. Notice I reiterate the power and importance of God’s forgiveness throughout the entirety of the post. However things like confession and repentance are also biblical thus important. You are correct that the power comes from Christ.

      I do believe in sin because of Scripture. Sin is breaking God’s law and His law is very real.

      Thank you both for your comments.

      • Hi Fletcher,

        sorry to have you confused, at times I do comment, not to the post nor for the author, but rather to the reader.

        our common ground is that “sin is real” and also “Christ death and atonement for sin is real too”

        we both agree that Jesus took away the sin of the world, i believe that is enough

        now, to those who do not believe in sin, Christ is no effect unto them, and no even point in participating in discussions about forgiveness of sins, for to receive total forgiveness of sin, means to acknowledge first they are sinners

        not my 2 cents,

        “for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God” – Romans 3:23

        good talks 🙂

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