Some thoughts on the Westboro cult

In the midst of all the information pouring in over the Connecticut shooting some of you may have heard about Westboro making plans to disturb the area with their hateful message. I think it is time to clear the air over a few things in regards to this organization.

1. They are not a church. Never compare me to these folks and what they believe. We are polar opposites on everything. They may call themselves a Baptist church, but as far as I have seen they show how exactly not to be a Christian church. If your sole view of Christianity is from this cult, then scrap all you know about Christianity. Westboro is as much a Christian church as an elephant is a duck because he is wearing a duck costume made by a four year old that has never even seen a duck before.

2. Westboro cult fails at separating sin and the sinner and winds up hating all that is on this earth. We should hate and detest sin, but what Westboro does is hate God’s creation. I don’t like throwing around the word hate. When I say I hate sin I literally mean I hate it with every fiber of my being, or at least try to. However, I refrain from hatred over the individual. I fear for them, I care for them, and I pity them, but I will never hate them.

3. God loves us. If he didn’t then he never would have died for us. So when this cult carries signs like, “God hates homosexuals” I know they are not from God. God wants us to get out of our sinful lifestyle yes, but He loves us. He grieves over those caught in murder, theft, lying, pornography, and all the other things. He hates that sin has taken over our lives, but He loves us and thus did something about the problem. Honestly, we are celebrating his birth. Does the Christmas story sound like a God of hate to you?

4. Don’t call them a church. This may seem nitpicky and even harsh to some, but don’t go along with the media reports in calling them a church. You don’t get to be part of God’s church because you give yourself that title. They are a cult. I don’t use that term to provoke them or speak poorly of them, but to simply speak in true facts. The world associates me with people like them, and I will not indulge in that.

5. God is grieved over the sin of westboro just like he is over our sin. Don’t get me wrong. I’m sure he is ticked that these folks are dragging his name through the mud. Easily some of the most vile and untruthful statements about God have been uttered by this cult who claims to worship him. However, if any of them were to repent of their sins and seek God as their real Lord and savior then God would accept them into His kingdom.

6. This means we must be grieved over this cult. Honestly, the flesh in me wants to throw them under the bus, and call them every name in the book I can think of, but that would be sin. Wishing them ill would be wrong. Responding to their hatred with hatred only puts me in their camp. Ouch. That may be a harsh wakeup call for some of you. Hating the westboro cult puts you on the same level as them. Wishing them pain and suffering makes you like them when they laugh at those who they believe are going to hell. Wishing for them to get what they deserve needs to be a realization that we also deserve the same punishment as them. Yes they are a cult. Yes they should not be referred to as a church, but they need God’s salvation as much as anyone else.

So for those who think Westboro is Christianity I urge you to realize that is not the case. They give us a bad name, and have no standing with us. They are living delusional lives under some very corrupt motivations. For my fellow believers I encourage you not to lash out with the same hatred. Otherwise you may find afterwards that the world has reason to view you exactly as they view this cult.


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