We’ve lied to the youth

“We can’t pray at school. They took prayer out of the schools.” Oh really? That is always my answer to that attitude. Really? We can’t pray in school? Do you know what prayer is? Since when can school faculty keep me from praying form my heart? Since when could “the man” read my thoughts? This whole God being taken out of the schools is a simple yet clever illusion. Who decided that God has been taken out of the schools? Exactly when did we buy into this pathetic lie?

My wording may sounds harsh, but I believe it needs to be harsh for the simple fact that we need a huge wakeup call. The only reason why God has been taken out of the schools is because we choose not to live a life dedicated to him in them. A school cannot stop you from praying. Now they may keep you from standing up on stage and proclaiming a long elegant prayer, but they cannot control how you interact with God throughout the day in the school. They cannot the thoughts that go through your mind. They cannot keep you from praying to God in your heart.

Why is this so important to understand? Because countless students have bought into the lie that we cannot pray in the schools, and I believe it is chiefly our own fault. We speak in woe about prayer being taken out of the school and how the end of the world is near. Cut it out. Just stop it. Stop letting Satan use your misery over the acts of atheists to spread a lie to the youth. You can pray in school! Is it in the way we may desire? No perhaps not, but we can pray all the same.

What does it mean to have God in the school? I ask because we often say that the world has taken God out of our schools. What do we mean by that? The teaching of evolution? The refrain from only teaching abstinence? The mockery from the atheist teacher when God is brought up? Scripture not being read in the classroom? What is it? What do we mean when we say we have taken God out of the schools?

Before I go on I do want to make this very clear statement. I believe when we rebel against God he does reach a point where he removes his hand of protection from us. We see examples of this all throughout Scripture. Sometimes God lets us go forward and receive what we crave form our flesh. And all the consequences that come with it. There is something to be said for needing God’s hand of protection and the helplessness when we lose it.

Having said that I still wonder what we mean when God has been taken out of the schools. Do Christian students and teachers still attend? If so then how can we say God is no longer in the schools? God is more than the teaching of creation and abstinence. He is more than reading some Scripture. He is more than giving a little prayer before eating a meal. Have our schools turned away from God in some ways? Absolutely. Has God been taken out of the schools. I should hope not because if He has then we are the biggest party to blame for it.

If God is not in the schools anymore it is because us believers have refrained from bringing him into it. We have kept him from being a part of our lives. We have shamefully hidden him form the world. We live in fear of others and keep quiet about our beliefs and convictions. We allow ourselves to be silenced, and thus have only ourselves to blame for the absence of God in the schools.

What if we stopped teaching children this lie though? What if we stopped living in misery by saying God is no longer in the schools and we are no longer allowed to pray? What if instead we taught our children how to make an impact through their very lives? What if we taught them how to bring God into the schools through their actions towards others? What if we taught them that resistance towards God does not mean He has left you? If God is with you, and you are in school then God is still in the school. I’m not saying schools have not turned away from God. No doubt we have some seriously messed up issues in them. However, saying these things instills a wrong image into our youth. It tells them that we have lost hope. It tells them that they need to go to school and live with the absence of God until they come home in the morning. It puts them on the defensive. It tells them to keep quiet until they can be back with those who simply agree with everything they think. It’s setting them up for a life of failure in this world.

To those in school I urge you to remember that prayer is still very much capable of happening in the schools. Don’t ignore God simply because us adults have told you the schools have somehow had the power to make you ignore God. You can bring God into your school. It start with the interaction with a single individual. If God is with you then He will be with you wherever you are. Don’t just take off the Christian hat when you go to school. Don’t live in secret of your faith. Delight in what you believe, and show the world what it is really all about.


2 responses to “We’ve lied to the youth

  1. point well made!

    I remember the three guys

    shadrach meshach and abednego

    and of course daniel

    against all odds, they still choose to pray to the one and only God.

    people are rallying, “bring back the 10 commandments in our school”

    when did “the Law” ever has stop murder? long before the Law was given, people have been killing each other.

    even if we take away guns, people will still kill each other with their bare hands.

    the world will never understand the reason behind it all.

    but we, who are believers, first and foremost God’s child, know it well. Sin (the noun) is the driving force behind all this evil recurring events.

    the solution is not “bring back the Law” nor “add more Law”.

    the solution is Grace. it has to start in the church. preachers should start preaching the true gospel, the true gospel which is God’s unconditional Love for us. His Grace.

    Paul was never wrong when he wrote to the Galatians

    “The acts of the flesh are obvious: sexual immorality, impurity and debauchery; idolatry and witchcraft; hatred, discord, jealousy, fits of rage, selfish ambition, dissensions, factions and envy; drunkenness, orgies, and the like”
    – Galatians 5:19-20

    murder will be on the list..

    the reason why the works of the flesh is prevalent is mainly because the true gospel is not preached.

    my cry, your cry, our cry “bring back the true Jesus” to the church “preach back the true gospel” to the church.
    let us “stop preaching morality, or financial management, or how to live your life”

    let us preach Jesus, Him and Crucified for us. amen

    – grace and peace

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