Christmas really happened

This video resonates with me pretty well. I think I appreciate it more now than when I did a few years ago. Out of college and experience all the elements of life has helped me to better see the importance of what it is saying. I don’t know about the rest of you, but reentry into the world following Christmas has been rough for me this year. It’s rough every year, but I felt more keen and aware of the disconnection this time around. Why is it so easy to get down when Christmas is over? I think the chief reason is because we and everyone around us choose to forget it happened.

Now this idea may sound silly. How could we forget Christmas really happened when we just got done celebrating it? Yet we seem to do just that. We put aside our anger, angst, arguing, hatred, baggage, and stress in order to spend a little time celebrating Christmas. However, once it is done we go right back into it all again and behave sometimes even worse than before the holiday season.

It is a tactic by the enemy really. We have just spent time focusing on the spiritual and eternal impact of Jesus Christ so he wants to distract us in any way possible in order to keep us from living differently following this new remembrance of Christ. Why do we only act peacefully towards each other on Christmas? Even the secular holiday specials unknowingly recognize this flaw. Turn on your tv around Christmas and you will see countless tv specials and movies over character who hated one another, but somehow manage to put aside all their differences during Christmas time. We claim it is a holiday that brings men and women together to share compassion and love, but what happens when the holiday is over?

It makes me a little angry. It makes me angry because we have proven that we failed to understand the point of celebrating this season. We should exit this holiday season strengthened and changed. Too often we look at Christmas as a time to take a pause out of the business of life. It is used as a breather. It is a simple stopping point for us to momentarily forget about our struggles at work, with friends, with people in our church, with finances, and with the overall cruminess in the world. What a waste.

How have we left this holiday season changed? What new perspective in our faith have we learned in order to change our attitude towards life? How are we going to show love and compassion to people throughout the whole year rather than just for one day out of the year?

Christmas really happened folks. Jesus came down on this earth as a man. He entered into this world the same way you and I did. He humbled himself beyond any way for us to possibly understand. He did not do it for us to go back to our foolish ways after a day of celebration. He did not do it for us to go back to living in anxiety and worry over the bills. He did not do it for us to go back to bickering to one another. He did not do it for us to go back to being in despair by what is on the news. He did it for us to have hope. He did it for us to have a chance at true life. He did it for us to go out and do something with that hope and true life.

Some people are a humbug during Christmas time. A classic Ebenezer scrooge. What has me more concerned is the people who refrain from being an Ebenezer Scrooge on Christmas day because it is Christmas, but become that same old Scrooge the rest of the year. Why have we left this Christmas season as though nothing really happened?

I’m not going to let the circumstances of the world change what I celebrated last week. I’m not going to let the bitterness of others rob me of my joy. I’m not going to let the enemy distract me from what I have been called to focus on. Last week we focused on a manger, but all days we must focus on the image of the cross. It is the only image that we make proud men fall on their knees, hateful hearts break before the throne, broken spirits be mended by the healer, and brothers and sisters live in peace.


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