The enemy is patient

I’ve mentioned before that I have been working through the process of doing a lengthy study about waiting on the Lord. The study has been for personal benefit, and is something I can tell will take time for me to process. The full lengths of what I have learned form it are something I hope to share in future writings. Writings that may take more than just some simple blog posts. However, there is a thought in the midst of all this personal study that I wish to share today.

It is both connected and disconnected to my current study. As I went through the beginning steps I study specifically the idea of waiting in general in Scripture. Through that I would get a starting point on passages that deal specifically with waiting on the Lord. From there I had to broaden my range beyond the simple idea of waiting, but that is another discussion for another time.

In the process of looking through numerous verses I learned that Scripture tells us we are not the only ones waiting. It tells us that as we wait for the Lord we also have an enemy who waits for us. I was surprised at how many verses deal with Satan waiting. I think perhaps it is because so many speakers form behind the pulpit speak of Satan as a being who id desperate. He knows he is running out of time, and so he is frantically trying to do all he can with the little time he has. I think this portrayal is a mistake. It is a mistake because we naturally put ourselves in that kind of situation. When we act out of desperation from time we tend to be foolish and make mistakes. We easily let things fall through the cracks. We are not very through when feeling the pressure of time. We have no time to wait.

Scripture tells us something very different about Satan. It tells us that he is incredibly patient. Patience. That is not a quality we normally give to Satan. Patience is supposed to be a virtue. It is meant to be a positive quality. How could Satan possess positive qualities? When I was reading through these verses I honestly had a hard time actually believing what I was reading. Satan was patient. Evil men are patient. Demons are patient. You see the occasional verse that talks about Satan prowling like a lion, but you never really stop and look at all the verses that talk about evil waiting. Verses like evil men waiting to ambush the righteous. Those who act for evil have patience in their actions.

We think of evil as anarchy. Be chaotic and do as much damage as you can in as much time as you can. Why then does evil wait? Most verses speak of evil waiting to ambush. The enemy looks for the best opportunity to attack. They do not act out with evil for just the sake of doing so. They act in a way that they have the best opportunity to do the most damage possible. They act in a way that you will not see it coming.

The enemy is waiting for you and I to slip up. They are waiting for us to be at our weakest. Sometimes that moment is right after our greatest triumph. Sometimes it is when the world has beaten us down and we feel worthless. No matter what it is in a time where it would be least expected. It is a time when our guard is not up. We have an enemy, and that enemy is waiting. He is exceedingly patient.

Why should this matter? Because we need to remember we are very much in the middle of a war. It is a war that has been going on since Eve was told to eat the fruit off the tree. We play a part in this war. It is a war where the enemy waits to ambush us. It is a war where the enemy uses actual tactics to fight back.

If the enemy is so patient then what are we doing? Realizing the extent with which the enemy waits has only instilled in me a greater need to wait on the Lord. If we carry on without God as our guide then we are doomed to fall into the ambushes waiting for us.

I’ve written a lot lately on going down the road. There are always dangers on the road as I have said before. There are always risks in making that jump. We must always remember to make sure the Lord is in front. Sometimes that means waiting for the next step to make. It is vital we do this though. Why must we wait on the Lord? Because the enemy is waiting on that road too, and God is the only one who can warn us when an ambush is around the corner. We need to take to the road despite the risks, but we do not need to take it blind.


One response to “The enemy is patient

  1. This is a powerful truth we all need to know. Thank you for sharing what you have unearthed in your journey. I am sharing with my facebook friends. Our church in is the middle of a fast and I think your words are very timely! God bless!

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