No boats can prove Christ.

This post may seem a bit jumbled since its root idea is found from multiple events and articles I have stumbled through recently. The focus is fairly simple though. What is with our obsession over physical evidence to prove that our faith is true? There are those that seem so determined to have some archaeological find, or some hotshot atheist turn Christian give merit that our fight is not just some fairytale. I have to wonder the why. It is wondering the why that often leads to sermons, blog posts, personal ramblings, and beyond.

Ever hear about the constant hunt for Noah’s Ark? If only we found that boat then we could finally put all the naysayers to rest. Then people who say the flood never happened would be proven wrong, and thus would prove that all of Scripture is true. No one would be able to speak against the Bible if we found this boat.

Scripture seems to have a vastly different opinion than you. Jesus often got frustrated at those who refused to believe what He said even after he would perform miraculous signs. People saw Jesus heal blind men, make the lame walk, remove terminal diseases, and even reverse death itself for Lazarus. Some still refused to believe though. He was a magician. It was a trick of the eyes. That’s not really Lazarus. That man was never really blind. Good grief the chief priests were so determined not to believe Jesus that they plotted to kill poor Lazarus after he was raised from the dead. What’s the point? Some people will refuse to believe no matter the amount of evidence thrown at them. Why would a boat make such a difference when the raising of the dead only lead to a plot for more death?

What about some big hotshot atheist converting to Christianity? What if Richard Dawkins himself converted to Christianity. The man who wrote such infamous books like “The God Delusion”. The man do desperate to make Christians look like fools that he will paint a completely wrong and delusional description of God just to make us look like nutcases. If this incredible man of science became a Christian then what a huge victory for our team that would be! Imagine how foolish all those other atheists would feel when one of their biggest leaders proclaims everything they believe is wrong! Surely that would get people to change their beliefs.

Why would it ever have that affect? There were devout Jewish leaders that chose to believe in Christ, but still others refused to believe. Paul, a man who persecuted Christians converted, but rather than changing the minds of all those other Jewish leaders he was persecuted, and often faced attempts at murder for his conversion. Maybe we should stop thinking how incredible of a miracle it would be if someone like Dawkins became a Christian, and start honoring and glorifying God for the miracle of those around us who are already putting their faith in Christ. The salvation of any soul no matter who they are is in itself an incredibly miracle, and worthy of celebrating over.

All of this brings me back to wondering the why. Why are we so determined to find something to justify our beliefs? Is it really so that other will agree with us? Is it possible there is something more to it? Perhaps we are seeking personal justification for our beliefs. Perhaps we wish to take a sigh of relief by finding something that gives a little more merit to what we believe. Perhaps we simply don’t want to rely on faith alone too much.

Faith all the same remains the necessity in salvation. No amount of boats, archaeological finds, or conversion of famous atheists can change the fact that it takes faith to believe that God came down to this earth as a human, showed mercy and grace by dyeing for our sins on a cross as a sinless man, and conquered death itself so that we could be raised in new life upon our belief of his death, burial, and resurrection. No amount of physical evidence is going to change the fact that faith is a requirement in the Christian life.

What does this mean for you and me? It means we need to stop looking for that nail in the coffin of proof. It is great when we find things that give credence to what is said in Scripture. It is great when we can expand our knowledge of the background of Scripture through archaeology. It would even be sweet to find that boat, and learn more from that kind of find, but I do not put hope in it. I do not put my faith in the hope of seeing evidence that will prove me correct. I put my faith in Christ.

It means praising God for the salvation of any soul no matter their status or background. It means rejoicing with those who have taking that same step of faith, and praying for those who demand more evidence before making the decision. Stop looking for evidence to give more point to our team, and start praying people will have a little more faith.


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