Utterly Dependent

The last 24 hours of my life have been rather exhausting. It has just been one of those times were everything piles up. It is as if bad news just likes to wait for more bad news to appear so that it can pounce on you in a spectacular fashion. You know the kind of days I am talking about. It is those days where you wonder what made God think all of this at the same time was a good idea. What benefit could there possibly be in it?

We can doubt God’s provision when circumstances start crushing us. We can wonder how God decided this was what we needed in these moments. If God new I was going to be dealing with situation A right now, then why not hold off on situation B? Whatever happened to God never giving us more than we can handle?

Yet God does give us both situations A and B at the same time. We are often filled with circumstances beyond our ability to deal with. It is in those moments we are presented with some possible options to deal with everything.

1. Curl up in a ball and wait to die. Some people take this option. They choose to just give in, and let the world that surrounds them crush them with all of its force. They give up and let themselves be engulfed in the chaos. This option is an available one, but not very pleasant.

2. Try and push through it anyway with our own ability. We often try and juggle all the chaos around us, and think if we can just get past this point then we will be ok. If you can just fix one of the issues then you can devote all your time to the other issue. This option often ends with us becoming fatigued and drained to be prepared for the next inevitable wave of chaos and struggle.

3. Depend on a higher power. God loves you. Seriously. If you are reading this, and feel this post relates to your circumstances right now then the first thing I want you to understand is that God loves you. It is not just some silly little phrase said in that cheesy show “Touched by an Angel”. He loves you so much that He paid your debt of sin. It’s not just that He paid that debt, but He actually had the power to do it. He conquered death itself. What makes us think He can’t deal with our petty little problems?

This concept was one of the first things I ever wrote about on this blog back in May. This lesson has been required a reminder in my life over these past 24 hours. A lot of the issues we face are outside our control. Sometimes they are struggles with health. Other times they are heartbreak over the pain in the lives of loved ones. Sometimes it is just a spiritual dryness that eats away at you.

It’s time for me to continue my commitment. My commitment that is echoed in the title of this blog. A commitment to remain completely and utterly dependent on the one who nailed my biggest burden on a cross. Whatever your struggles are there is an important lesson to remember. It is the biggest lesson to learn in the midst of trials and struggles. Depend on God. Don’t lost sight of Christ. Have faith. Take heart my friends. Cling to hope, depend on God, and have faith. I would say more, but I really have nothing else to say.


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