So my posts will likely be more scattered this week as my family ad I are in the middle of moving. This also means my posts will be a little shorter.

Ever notice how quickly we blow pasts lists of names in Scripture? We rarely see the importance of it. My devotional today largely consisted of lists. Most of it covered genealogies. One genealogy was the first fond in the Old Testament in Genesis. The other is the first found in the New Testament in Matthew. You can learn a lot in a list of names if you look hard enough.

The first Genealogy hit me hard with something. I have read this list of names countless times, but I don’t think I ever stopped to notice how depressing this list was. The first two genealogies in Scripture are forbearing and depressing. They show just how quickly sin escalates. Humankind embraced its sinful nature quickly. It is not long down the line that you find a man married to multiple wives, ad bragging about his misdeeds. Not only has humankind deteriorated in its sinful nature, but it quickly took ride in its sin.

The second list in Genesis is a countdown to destruction. A countdown to the flood. A time where God cud no longer take humankind’s complete love and pride for sin. These genealogies are depressing. They show our race at its worst. They show just how quickly evil spreads, and they show just how desperate the need is to eradicate this evil. I read these lists, and I see a loss of hope. A countdown to a cataclysmic event brought but by the wrath of a righteous God.

My reading plan had me read another list though. It was a new genealogy full of more sinful people. In this list I read of people who were prostitutes, adulterers, murderers, kings of old who were men of God, king of old who were wicked tyrants, foreigners, and all kinds of sinners. Yet this genealogy was not lacking in the hope needed for the first genealogy of Scripture. This list of names was also a countdown. It was a countdown to a solution that the first genealogy needed. It was a solution brought about by the same righteous God who needed to unleash his wrath on sin. This time the result lead to a substitute. This genealogy full of sinners was the beginning of Jesus Christ’s earthly father. This genealogy was more than a list of names. This was the beginning of hope for the world.

This thought is short and simple, but I felt the need to share it all the same. I sat there reading my Bible feeling incredibly grateful that the first genealogy I find in Scripture is not the last one. I was so thankful that these two lists of names showed me the utter need for a savior, and the answer to that need. In two simple lists I saw the true disgrace and disaster of humankind, and the solution to it all.

What a God we serve. In a simple list of names He has reminded me of the need, impact, and power of the gospel.


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