Brief words on anxiety

I am finally back after spending a few days traveling from Kansas to Virginia. It’s great to finally be back on the blog writing. Hopefully I will not be forced into a hiatus like that for a long time.

What do you let rob you of your joy? It is almost discouraging with how easily we can let our joy get sucked away from even the smallest things. Even the best of days can become instantly cloudy form an unkind word or harsh criticism, an unexpected and unpleasant surprise, a personal crisis, etc.

Why do we let such small things rob us of our joy? I believe we have a choice in our reaction to situations. I can let a single negative thing rob me of all the enjoyment of the day, or I can chose to move on from that, and make the most of the day. Letting simple things rob us of our joy is giving into anxiety. Scripture tells us not to be anxious about anything. We rarely discussed the why in that command. Why does God not want us to be anxious? I think it is because it binds us to the potential of being used by God.

I came across an opportunity to put this into action the other day. I had experienced a good day filled with love form my family and fun. We had a good time together. As the day grew closer and closer to an end there was a situation that came up that was outside of my control. It should not have bothered me as much as it did in the moment. I was filled with anxiety though. I had to make the decision to move past that moment though. I had a choice. I could focus my mind on circumstances outside of my control, or I could be thankful for the day and see how I could use it to the best of God’s glory.

That night I had the opportunity to talk with a group of young man pursuing ministry, and talk with them for an hour on sharing my experience outside of school. I got to play a small part in helping others. I could not have done that if I let my mind remain focused on circumstances that would fill me with anxiety.

Why be anxious my friends? Anxiety never fixes the situation. The only purpose of anxiety is to keep us from seizing opportunities. This post is short, because I’m still trying to get back into the swing of writing after the forced break on me for the past few days. The lessons is very real though. Why do you let the enemy rob you of your joy for the day? Why give into anxiety? What benefit does it ever truly provide you with?


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