The wait

Silence. Some relish the experience while others hate its cold nature. Some thrive in the silence while others fear what its end brings. In these moments years ago there were none who enjoyed this particular silence. It was deafening. Nature itself had cried out in agony, and after the crying all that was left was the quiet.

Waiting. No one enjoys the waiting. The only moment where it appears tolerable is when the anticipation of waiting heightens the experience of the end goal. Waiting for a goal we cannot fathom is pure agony. All those years ago these men and women waited for what appeared to be nothing. They waited in the silence.

They had been a part of a nation that had been born to wait. To wait in silence and chaos for the coming Messiah. A Messiah they believed had finally arrived only to be crucified on a cross. So now they were left to wait for… for what? Death? Persecution? The inevitable? They would wait for things to blow over. The sooner this fiasco was behind them the sooner they could get back to their old lives. So they waited. They waited in the silence.

We wait for the Lord in our lives today. We wait for personal salvation from crisis. We wait for guidance. We wait for healing. We wait for hope. We wait on a Lord that we know is alive. These followers waited, but not knowing what to wait for. Their Messiah was lying dead in a tomb. There was an occupied tomb that day. It was not empty. If you could role away the stone you would find a corpse with wounds from a crucifixion. Jesus was dead. What were they supposed to wait for with only the cruel company of silence?

We believe our needs to wait on the Lord are a cruel form of agony. We wonder how we could ever survive in this struggle. We wait on a living Lord though. We have hope because we know there is an empty tomb. We have it easy when we wait. We wait because we know where the road ends.

Today I encourage you to welcome the silence. I encourage you to welcome waiting on the Lord as if it were an old friend. I wait because I have hope. This has been a season of life for me that has revolved fully over waiting on the Lord. So I will wait. I will welcome the silence. I will do so because all those years ago the Lord came to his followers while they were waiting. Waiting when there seemed no reason to hope and wait. Waiting when there was an occupied tomb. I wait because I know one day this profound truth will be a reality. One day upon my final breath I will have my hands on redemptions side. I can wait for the petty needs.

Wait my friends. Resurrection day is coming.


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