Living the empty tomb

It’s been a little over a week since Easter. Have you forgotten about the celebration experience already? We can often go through life celebrating Easter on one day a year. The rest of the days we simply ignore the effects of that event we celebrate. Christmas gets a lot of focus as being a Holiday to celebrate the spirit of all year round. Easter gets tossed off by the wayside though. Shouldn’t we celebrate what Easter is every day even more so?

We take Jesus out of his tomb one day a year. We celebrate how He is alive. We sing, dance, and give out loud joyful noises (At least I hope we do otherwise your celebration of the greatest event in history is very dull). After the celebration is over we find ourselves putting Jesus back into His tomb for another 364 days a year. We bust out baby Jesus for Christmas, but that is about it. I’m sure I have written on this before, and no doubt I will write on it more extensively one day, but this is a disease within our faith. We have refilled the tomb.

We don’t live our lives as thought our savior is alive and active. We continue to do things on our own. We continue to go about challenges using our own strength. We mistakenly believe we are capable. We worship the God of history, but often fail to worship the God of the present. We forget He is a God of the miraculous and powerful here and now and not just in a less “civilized” age. We forget that He is a God who is there.

The irony to all of this is what Easter celebrates signifies the ability to do the very opposite of what we often do. We do not need a burning bush or an angel of the Lord to receive a message from Him. We do not need a pillar of fire or smoke to guide us down a path. Belief in Jesus Christ and his death and resurrection over our sin give us the incredible gift of the Holy Spirit. We can interact with Jesus. We can live a life that has based on his resurrection.

Jesus yoke is easy and his burden is light. However, there is no Jesus to set in a yoke with us if we leave him in the tomb. There is no Jesus to take our burdens from us if we live as though there is still a dead body. We proclaim Jesus is alive, but we live as though he remains dead. We believe as though we are on our own in life. We proclaim all of these incredible truths of Scripture, but fail to live our lives in light of those truths.

We can come to God as welcomed children. We can have the compassion for sinners, because we have experienced the compassion of our father. We can be capable of living in what the world considers a contradiction of calling a lifestyle sinful, but treating people in that lifestyle with love, respect, and care. We Christian life that lives out the truth of an empty tomb will appear to be one of the greatest, yet incredible contradictions in his actions. One who lives the empty tomb will speak truth boldly, but love those lost in darkness. One who lives the empty tomb will experience the true joy of an easy yoke and a light burden. One who lives the empty tomb will live a life fully surrendered. One who lives the empty tomb will die for the empty tomb.

Speak this profound truth until you are blue in the face. Do you live out this truth?


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