The timetable

I’ve never quite been one of those people with a five year plan. Timetables in my life have a tendency to get thrown out the window because I always discover that the universe does not hold to the exact same timetable as me. It is easy for us to get discouraged when we do not see God pull through in the moment we feel He needs to do so. Our timetable gets changed, and we begin to wonder if God really cares about specific events going on in our lives, and how the world puts deadlines on us. We are left with a pretty loaded question. Does God really care about my situation?

Circumstances in Scripture tell us God is very aware of a sense of time. It tells us He is a master at orchestrating multiple pieces of a puzzle to connect at just the right moment. Look at Abraham taking his son to be sacrificed. During that whole journey Abraham probably wonder when God was going to find a suitable replacement for his son. He wondered when God was going to pull through and change things on him in a more positive way. Abraham never knew about a ram that was making its way to the same destination. He would not know of the ram’s existence until the last possible moment.

Look at the conversion of Cornelius. Peter had received a strange vision form God where a tarp with foods formerly considered unclean for Jews to eat was lowered down with God telling him it was now suitable. Peter was praying to God for an explanation for this vision when he received a knock at the door. During Peter’s vision and prayer Cornelius had sent some of his men to go get Peter for he also had a vision from God. Multiple people who never met each other were arranged to meet deadlines God had set in place.

The problem is we place what we consider to be the absolute deadlines for God to come through. We tell God that we know what we need most, and exactly when we need it. We tell him we understand ourselves better than He does. I can’t help but feel things would be a bit more boring if God followed our timetable. We would miss out on some of the spectacular and miraculous.

Honestly, this post is a pretty short one because there is not a good deal for me to say on this subject. I find myself in a place where my timetable has been changed over the past few months. God had a different timetable in mind. I don’t know quite how I will reach my destination, or what I will even find there. I remain confident in knowing that while God is leading me there he is leading other characters in this story that I do not yet know will play a part. All the same, I look forward to meeting them at that destination when I arrive.


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