Who is this man?

“Who is this man that even the seas and winds obey him?”

A profound question that is ultimately the one question constantly repeated in the gospels. If you have to form the point to the gospels in one questions it would be “Who is Jesus?” This was a question asked following a traumatic experience for Jesus disciples. Stuck on a little boat in the middle of a storm. They panicked. They feared death. They thought they had reached the end. In the midst of the fear they saw Jesus sleeping through this storm. They doubted Jesus. They doubted His power. They doubted His care for them. They doubted the very essence of who Jesus is. Here were a group of men who doubted this Jesus compassion. This same Jesus who would later die on a cross for them.

I think we all have a tendency to ask this question in moments of doubt. Who is Jesus? The answer to this question often depends on our mood and circumstances. During depressing and dark times we may behave as though Jesus was a man from those stories long ago at best. At worst Jesus is a careless God who has no interest in our sufferings. During good times we believe Jesus to be our best friend. We may feel we know Him well, and feel well known by Him.

Our circumstances and moods should not define who Jesus is in our lives though. Jesus is who is no matter our feelings in the moment. Our feelings and circumstances can produce doubt that has no business being in our hearts. Jesus responded to these disciples question by telling them they lacked faith. If this response doesn’t hit you hard then you need to meditate on it again.

Doubt in who Jesus is means we have an issue of faith. Doubting God’s provision is a faith issue. It’s embarrassing how often I do this though. Who is Jesus? He is my savior. He died on the cross for my sins. He paid my debt. He was nailed to a cross where he bled and cried out in pain.

Who is Jesus? He is a servant. He was the most humble man to ever walk on this earth. He humbled himself so much that he took the form of a man who was tired, hungry, thirsty, felt pain, and even cried. His servanthood is the epitome of service that I hunger to emulate in my work, as a friend, as a father, and as a husband.

Who is Jesus? He is my king. I am created to be His servant. I am called to follow Him no matter the cost. He is the only one truly worth following. He is Lord over everything. Nothing I possess does not already belong to him. My very body is His possession. He may have been a sacrifice, but He is still a king. He may be the greatest servant of all, but that only enhances is status as king of kings.

Who is Jesus? Well I guess you could say He is my everything. He is the reason that I live. He is the reason that I do anything good on this earth. No circumstances or moods should change that truth. Nothing in life should change who Jesus is. Christ is unchanging. Why should we ever let our circumstances change that? Anything less is a lack of faith.


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