Hardships and Struggles

Hardships and struggles don’t need to take full control of you They don’t need to dictate how you view life. They don’t need to decide your attitude. They don’t need to be what affects your faith in the moment. Hardships and struggles are temporary. They force us to look at a brief moment in time in order to see what seems to be our life at its ugliest and most painful. Hardships and struggles are most powerful when they demand we ignore the big picture. When we finally take our focus off one singular moment in time we can wonder how we could ever have ignored how ginormous the picture really is.

Jesus tells us a good deal about avoiding anxiety. We are often told not to worry. God loves us and wants to care for us. Our needs will be met. Perhaps not always in the way we expect, but He will give us what we need to carry on in our mission. Jesus understands hardships and struggles. He had no place to sleep. He had nowhere to truly call home while walking on this earth. It was difficult. You never saw Him complain. You never saw him concerned. Christ was able to look at the bigger picture.

Have you ever been incredibly sick? So sick that you were unable to focus on anything but the pain? In those moment we feel the sickness will last forever. We feel we will never get out of this awful feeling. The sickness passes though. I was born with a kidney blocking. For six years we had no idea what was wrong with me. I would get sick often and the pain would feel unbearable to me as a little kid. It felt like it would last forever. It didn’t though. It passed.

Hardships and struggles. They force us to ignore the bigger picture. What is this bigger picture? It is the best picture the world could ever know. A picture with Christ as the center taking on every feeling of pain and hardship we face. A Christ nailed to a cross over every sin we have ever committed. A Christ at the center who did all this to make way for the grandest story the world has ever know. A Christ who painted a picture bigger than we could have ever dreamed.

You see, our hardships and struggles are only temporary. Christ sees us through them. We do not live in ties of crisis forever. We will be able to move forward. One moment of hardship in life pales in comparison to the bigger picture of our whole life. It nearly disappears when we look at the even larger picture of eternity. I can take a life of however many years with hardship in it. I have an eternity without out them to look forward to. Until then I can face the hardship to carry on in my missions. I can bare through it a while longer to know Christ and make Him known. All the while I will keep my eyes on the far bigger picture. These hardships and struggles never stood a chance.


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