Love matters

Love is the glue to everything. We don’t like talking about it to much. Sappy conversation is never a big thriller. Love is more than the sappy though. Love is intense. It is piercing. It is exposing. Love is incredibly overwhelming that much of humanity hides from it in its purest forms. Love is a scary thing. It is all consuming. It drives us to do thing we would never do under “normal” circumstances. Love is what drives us to share our faith. It is love that compels us speak out against sin. it is love that also demands of us to love those still in sin.

True love is a thing of contradiction to the rest of the world. The world cannot recognize the deepest levels of love when it puts its won conditions on love. I think that is why I fall deeper committed to my faith as I grow to understand it more and more. It is the only thing in this world the recognizes the ugliness in the world. It is the only faith that demands better of others. it is the only faith that tells the world it is a slave to sin. It is also the only faith that still manages to love those slaves. it is the only faith that loves without conditions.

The world loves those in agreement with them. Christians receive little love form the world. We are hated for our “intolerance” we can accept the worlds welcoming love when we lave who we are at home. We can be loved by the world so long as we live like the world. Christianity holds to such a better view of love. I love you so I need to tell you something that is of extreme importance for your life. Our love for others should never change no matter the decision they make about Christ. We love because Christ loves.

Love is what matters. Not the love that ignores sin. Not the love that says we will accept you so long as you keep your mouth shut about your beliefs. Not the love that even says you are a good person. It is the love that says you are a flawed screwed up person, but so am I. I will love you no mater what, but because of this love I would be showing hatred if I didn’t help you see there is a better way. If they hate you for that love show it anyway. Continue to go beyond that in their rejection by meeting their needs. Show compassion and kindness.

Love matters. It changes people for the better when it is shown in its purest form. It does not ignore, but it is certainly impartial. It is a love of balance. A love that demands we speak the truth, but to act the same no matter the response to that truth. Love is everything worth anything.


One response to “Love matters

  1. Very well written and said again! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I have always said love makes life worth living! I LOVE love. Real love, that is. I see love as an action more so than an emotion. N.L. Albemarle, NC.

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