My Beef With Christian Protests

My thoughts on this topic finally clicked today. I’ve had issues with Christian protests for a long time. The issues run deep. It’s taken me a goo deal of time to organize my thoughts and reasons over it. Perhaps my issues are just me. Perhaps the problem exists with me rather than this latest Christian craze. I personally believe it is more of an epidemic than anything else.

One thing that baffles me about so many Christian protests are the targets. The majority of Christian protests is protesting unsaved sinner for doing unsaved sinner things. It’s like when French citizens protest in their own country about us going to war. There is something strange about all of this. While many of us are busy protesting the war on gay marriage we completely ignore battles that are taking victim of our very own over things like pornography. I don’t see Christians fighting back on the painfully easy access to pornography for the average young teenager. We protest on things that deal mainly with sinners acting like sinners rather than on things that genuinely affect fellow believers.

This is not my biggest beef with Christian protesting though. My main issue is a bit more general. We protest for the wrong reasons. The majority of Christian protests are to make us draw a clear line. it is our way of screaming to the world while banging cymbals that this is the line in the sand and we are clearly on the far other side form the rest of you. We have this figured out. Get with the program or be forever lost.

We use protests as a way to tell other people what our standards are. I can’t help, but feel this is the best method. I’m not saying we shouldn’t stand up for our beliefs. I’m not saying we should remain silent on moral issues, but refusing to shop at a store and telling the whole world your fifty reasons for it doesn’t cut it. We want to shout out to the world with a megaphone what we are against. We want to constantly draw their attention to that line in the sand we have drawn. We want to forever make them aware of just how different they are from us.

There is a major flaw in this strategy. No one can relate to us. We have made ourselves so incredibly different form the world that we have refused them the opportunity to build relationship. The only chance they can have to interact with us is if they come over on our side of the line. That is all protesting does. If we need to shout to the world that we are different then we are living life wrong.

What if we stopped relying on the protests of sinners being sinners? What if we instead lived our lives in cohabitation with those sinners. What if we lived our lives a different way while being beside them? What if we were able to express our morals in a way that comes natural through relationship rather than by standing outside a store proclaiming its heathen ways?

There are some stores I do not shop in. I don’t make it public. If the subject ever comes up natural then I don’t shy away from it, but I don’t advertise my actions. I simply act. I don’t care about drawing a line in the sand to let everyone else know just how bad they are for being on the wrong side. All I do is focus on glorifying God. I don’t need protests to make that happen. I don’t need to make some noise getting the worlds attention to glorify God. I can glorify God by cultivating relationships with the people around me. Relationships where the only focus on a line in the sand is done based off of the way I simply live my life. The kind of focus that compels others to want to ask questions.

Where does the protesting get us? How well has it worked so far? We waste our protest energy on sinners being sinners while our own fall victim to other horrors in the world and the sinners continue to fear the line we have drawn in the sand. I’m done Shouting about the line. I’m ready to just live the line.


4 responses to “My Beef With Christian Protests

  1. The other day I drove past the abortion clinic by my home. There are always people screaming with signs (often grotesque signs) on that corner. My stomach turns but I can’t figure out for what particular reason (meaning there could be many). But the other day, sitting far from the protestors, was a young woman holding a sign. It said “I can help you if you let me – I’m infertile and want to be a mommy – I will adopt your baby”. Pre-judging that her motives were sincere,
    I was so moved by her gesture – I wanted to run out and hug her neck. I wanted to scream “THAT’S what Jesus would do!” This woman was providing an alternative way rather than codemnation. Love and support rather anger and judgement.

    On the other hand though, I was convicted by her sign. Maybe I don’t walk with signs in protest for things I feel strongly against but often my words and actions condemn those around me rather than offering them “a way out”. Yep, I love how Jesus always brings it back to working on the attitude of my own heart right about the time I try to point fingers 🙂

    Loved your post Fletch – always convicting and awesome words to chew on for the day!

  2. I completely agree. I feel like I do better focusing on cultivating a healthy marriage in order to “protect God’s version of marriage” rather than fighting gay marriage. If those people do not get the right to marry they’re still going to participate in their sinful homosexual relations anyways…you’re not stopping the heart issue. I think that the world needs to have a better understand of what we are for, than what we are against.

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