I Am Loved

“Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me.”

I think the next series of posts I do will have to be over something I actually enjoy learning personally. Learning these life lessons form this Psalm out of personal experience has been far from enjoyable. No one enjoys learning these lessons in the moment. You will feel miserable, tired, lonely, helpless, and at times a failure. That is what brings use into this next verse in Psalm 23. his verse is never one we wish to learn from personally experience. This verse is simply painful.

Now I should preface all this by saying that we often blowup a crisis we are in. My struggles are not what I would truly equate to a literal valley of the shadow of death. That could be a bit extreme. However, it is a struggle and it is painful within the moment. Last post I wrote on how our circumstances are not the conditions of how true this Psalm is. Today I would like to point out that our perception of our conditions just play a factor in how we can apply this Psalm to our lives.

Crisis being lived out is always awful. It is always painful. It is always worse than it actually is. It is constantly stressful. We wonder how we will ever get through it. This verse may seem simplistic, but in the pain and hardship of this verse we can find comfort.

David mentions that he walks through the valley of the shadow of death. He is not trapped there. He is not dying there. He is not enslaved there for eternity. There is a timetable on his crisis. His time in the valley is painful and dangerous, but he is working his way out the other end. We all will walk through some valleys in our lives. We will be required to push forward when we would rather sulk in misery.

David says he will not be fearful. Fear can be blinding. It can keep us from seeing things as they truly are. it can keep us from putting our focus on Christ. He does not need to live in fear because he is following the shepherd. God’s rod and staff are a comfort to him. Some people look at God’s rod as a tool of discipline. it also is a guide. It provides gentle proddings to lead us in the right direction. It is a tool to defend us from true harm.

The simple fact is fear keeps us from remembering that we are loved. It keeps us form remembering that there is a God in heaven. it keeps us form remembering that that God is good and powerful. It keeps us from remembering that He genuinely cares for us. It keeps us from remembering that he is there.

This post is short. There is really very little to say as this post is written just as much for me s it is anyone else. I may be walking through a valley, but I can confidently know that I am loved. The simple fact is that sometimes life won’t be great. Sometimes it will be pretty miserable. I would rather live some miserable days with Christ than all perfect days without Him though. He is the only thing that truly makes any day worth it.


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