The Sunrise

My posts these next few days will be brief as I am on vacation and writing them from my phone.

Please start by read Isaiah 9:1-7

This morning I took my wife and son onto the beach to watch the sunrise. When we arrived there was a little light coming from where the sun would come up, but no sign of the actual source.


We quickly found ourselves walking towards the inevitable sunrise. Human beings are such an interesting creation. We are drawn towards the light. Somehow we understand its representation of hope and guidance. We understand this so innately that we are willing to walk towards a hint of this light even if we are uncertain of its source.

We were never meant to walk in darkness. We were always meant to be drawn to the light. The light provides clarity in times of need. It leads us down our path, and gives understanding to our past. God’s light can be blinding.

As we walked towards the light we finally saw the sunrise. No matter how far we would have walked it would remain ahead of us. Guiding us. Giving us comfort and hope. Signaling to us a brighter future. As I look upon that sunrise I remember how I once walked in darkness until I was blinded by the light.



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