Which Jesus?

The gaps this week for writing has made it difficult to keep some consistency. Part of it is that I am still on vacation. The other part is that I have found it difficult to know what to write. What I write is a reflection off of what is on my heart, and sometimes that is just hard to put into words.

Last year I had to read a book called Love Wins. I do not recommend the book. It is filled with some odd ideas based off of scripture abusively ripped out of it context. However, there was one thought in the beginning of the book that was brilliant.

We live in a country where we believe the Gospel has saturated. Which Gospel though? The prosperity gospel? The social gospel? The “full” Gospel?

What Jesus do people know. How about the girl raped by a pastor who believes in Jesus? What about the Jesus of the religious man Sunday but drunk abusive father the rest of the week? Perhaps the Jesus who is worshiped by the deacon in your church until he shatters a family by having an affair with another woman?

Let me be clear, there is no excuse for man to reject God. Ultimately it is our choice and we must face the consequences of that choice. However, what does this tell us as believers? Which Jesus are we introducing people to?

That waitress who has had a hard day. What Jesus are you introducing her to? Is it the one with a rude, cheap, and arrogant follower, or is she being introduced to a Jesus who is followed by someone with love, mercy, patience, and joy?

What kind of Jesus are you introducing to that person you date? Is it a Jesus who only cares about Sunday morning, but turns a blind eye on
Morals threat of the week, or is it a Jesus who taught to respect women and keep all aspects of marriage as something sacred and beautiful?

What Jesus are you introducing to your children? Is it a Jesus without patience and mercy?

I look back at some of my past interactions with people. I look at waitresses, family, girlfriends, friends, roommates, and strangers and consider what kind of Jesus I introduced them to. In each of those categories I can sadly say that it was the wrong one.

That is my somber truth friends. I have to often introduced people to the wrong Jesus. What Jesus have you been introducing people to?


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