The Unexpected

My wedding anniversary was two days ago. I’ve been married for two years now. Its been two years full of change. We have had a child, moved halfway across the country and back, and returned to school. Much of the past two years did not turn out like we expected it to. Life has a funny way of being like that. Life is just unexpected.

That is how it is with God. Life as a whole is already filled with surprises, but when you willingly take yourself out of the drivers seat you inevitably go places that you never would have dreamed of. Sometimes we go through periods where we wonder what we have gotten ourselves into. Sometimes there is laugher. Other times there are tears. We have faced success, failure, celebration, and heartache.

I once asked a professor for advice on marriage He told me to always ask my wife, “Is this what you expected it to be?” He then told me to be prepared for the answer to always be “No”. Things are never what we expect them to be, but that is part of what makes it all so magical and adventurous.

Look at Joseph. He had dreams about a glorious future that he could only barely comprehend. The road was an unexpected one. Left for dead, a slave, accused rapist, and prisoner. There was a lot of unexpected thing in his journey. There was a lot of pain and strife. Each of those unexpected detours prepared him for something later own the road. He learned how to be a man of integrity. He learned how to be a great administrator. He earned how to be an effective leader.

Joseph was hurt and betrayed down that path. People said and did things to him that were intended to cause harm. I think on that part of his story, and look back on my own journey and people who have tried to cause harm physically, emotionally, verbally, and spiritually. Even those things are part of what make me who I am. My response and growth through those experience are part of me now. Joseph was able to look back on all of that and realize that what men had intended for evil, God had intended for good. God made even the unexpected awful things serve a greater purpose. Each cruel action pushed Joseph both physically and spiritually down a road God had already placed him on.

Parts of the road are hard and painful. The part I am on now is not always exactly a picnic, but it has so far lead me to some pretty amazing and worthwhile things. The best part is God saw fit to give me others to go down this road with me. What an adventure we have undertaken What and adventure it will continue to be.



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