Things Christ Did Not Die For

Christ died to give us life, and not just any life, but an abundant life. If we are to be honest there are many times where our lives to not reflect the cause of the cross. We can chose to live in a pre-cross world. We can do this by ignoring God’s teachings, giving into fleshly desires, and simply by being ignorant. With that I have a list of some things Christ did not die for.

1. He did not die for us to be divided. Methodists, Baptists, Presbyterians, Assemblies of God, Non-denominational. Go in even the smallest of towns in America and you will find an insane amount of variety in churches. The list I mentioned was just a very tiny sampling of them. No this isn’t an attempt to be trendy and say we should break down al denominational barriers. I get that we view some thing differently, but in truth we are largely divided over petty issues. Many denominations do not really have any division over the cross and the Gospel yet act like any difference in views is directly impacting of the Gospel they believe in. The average denomination has become a club within a club whom each believe they understand the Bile just a little better than all the others, and I simply protecting truth when they choose not to associate with those other clubs.

2. He did not die for us to fight over style and method. Worship debates in the church are by far one of the dumbest things church families can do, and that is coming out of a very long list dumb things they can do. Whenever we argue over worship in terms of style, expression, and volume we have immediately taken all the focus off of Christ, and put it squarely on ourselves to meet whatever is most comfortable to us as an individual. When we fight over worship we are essentially telling people, “You are worshipping God wrong.” The irony? The average person in this debate can not define the difference between worship and praise. Do we really think Christ died for us to fight over what makes us comfortable and ignore simply worshipping Him?

3. He did not die to make life comfortable. Life isn’t supposed to be a vacation on this earth. Society tells us different It tells us to make as much money as you can. Be your own boss. Work from home so you can travel whenever you like. Seek comfort and retirement early so you can live your life the way you want to. Christ died for us so that we can be a living sacrifice for others. He died for us so that we can come together as a church family to worship, learn and grow together.

4. He did not die for us keep quiet. His disciples understood this after seeing His resurrection. hey realized that they were witnesses to the greatest act of God this world will ever know. They were literally incapable of keeping their mouths shut about it. They could not keep silent. Why do we think we should?

5. He did not die for good people. I have said this before, but it should be said again Christ did not die for us because we were doing something right. He died for us because we were doing something very wrong. We were undeserving of Christ’s sacrifice. It as 100% a gift. A gift we must chose to accept even though we are completely undeserving of it.


One response to “Things Christ Did Not Die For

  1. Agreed! The love for one another that Paul and John plead for in all their letters is utterly absent. So sad, and it is a poor testimony of Christ. Thanks for sharing!

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