Quit the Profession of Pessimism

Awkward, unpleasant, uncomfortable, sad, depressing. All are things that can describe encounters with a skilled pessimist. It’s rarely enjoyable. You notice that heavily pessimistic people do not keep close friendship for to long. The friendships get to worn down and tired far to quickly.

My generation is exceptionally bad with this. I’ve gone through phases of it myself. My generation drives me nuts with are generally failure to be thankful for our blessings. We always need to focus on what we don’t have. We focus on the things that make us unhappy. We want to “warn” those behind us not to go the path we have gone. Follow me instead to the much greener pasture until we suck it dry.

Let’s be frank, there are some things in life that just suck. Sometimes we need to learn to deal with the harder things in life. Life is never perfectly matched up to our ideal situations. We will always face something that is unpleasant. Whether it be relationships, school, work, or family. Things never work out the way we hope they will.

25 years of life as of today, and that is one of the few things I can always say to be true. Life is never exactly as you expect and want it to be. It is still bountiful with God’s blessings all the same. Pessimism is ultimately insulting God. It is an attitude bred through the ideal that we deserve better than we have. I’m not talking about the victim of a brutal sin, but simply just the everyday hardship of life. We think we deserve and need better. My generation breaths off this philosophy of life, and we are destined to failure because of it.

I’ve had some situation come into my life lately that have been a huge blessing for me. They are situations certain to bring about struggle, frustration, and difficulties, but they provide me with provision. It has been God’s way of providing for me. Pessimists have tried to steal that realization away from me though. They say I am in for a road not worth traveling. They say they came out the their end to beat up to make it worth it. They say all this not realizing that they are spitting on months of prayers that have been finally answered. Months of tears, sweat, and waiting. Months of surrendering fully to God no matter the costs. They spit on God’s provision.

They don’t mean to. Every pessimist believes they do what they do for the betterment of humankind. They believe they are helping shape a better life and future for those who do not yet know better. The problem is pessimists don’t know everyone’s story. It is like the rich man who mocks the young boy who travels from another country just to work a menial job for a small paycheck. What appears as a curse and unworthy cost for the rich man is a glorious feast to the man in poverty.

Today is my birthday friends. My advice to you on this personal day of celebration is simple. Don’t waste another day being a professional pessimist. Don’t try and rescue others with your pessimism. Your motives in it will never led to fruition. All they become is insulting.


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