Stolen Identity

Ellen Page is pretty ticked off at the creators of a video game called “The last of Us”. Why is she angry? Because there is a character in that game that apparently looks and sound remarkably like the young actress. I’ve never played the game so I honestly don’t know how accurate those feelings are, but Ellen Page clearly feels her likeness was used to create this character. It appears as though her identity was stolen.

I’m not here to talk about Ellen Page though. The example of her concern of having her identity stolen simply lays the scene for a big issues we believers can face. It is the battle for identity. We have an enemy who would like nothing more than to steal our identity from us. Make us forget what our identity is meant to be found in.

It’s easy for us to say that we find our identity in Christ, but living out that truth gets complicated. Life gets in the way. Money troubles settle in. Relationships develop. Crisis beings to rule the day. We end up finding it so easy to put our identity in our success and failures. We put it in our families. We put it in marriages. We put it in our possessions. We put it in our intellect. We put it in our morality.

Our identity is meant to be in Christ. Our identity gets stolen though. Sometimes we are convinced that we cannot possibly have our identity in Christ because of our sin. We feel unworthy to receive His love and mercy. The world is full of Christians who feel they need to compensate their insecurity in Christ with something else in this world. That is why we get so upset when something in our life is lost. We feel like a piece of us is gone because we put part of our identity in that person or thing.

Ellen Page has been pretty ticked over a situation of a video game seeming to steal her mere likeness. Why are we not more torn up about a legitimate issue of our identity really being stolen? Why are we so willing to let it happen. I think it is partly because we do not like the vulnerability necessary to have our identity in Christ. We are made much more painfully aware of our flaws and problems. We realize that it is impossible for us to truly possess and real sense of control. It is hard because we are meant to experience a love undeserved. There is something very exposing and almost painful about that love.

If we were to push through that pain we would experience something beyond this world. We would experience a love we would never wish to lose. We would experience forgiveness and mercy that compels us to do better. We would never want this identity to ever be stolen again. It is the only true identity that satisfies because it is the real identity. It is a completion of who we really are, because we are going back to the one who created us. We are putting ourselves in his hands to become a finished product. Anything else is just a cheap knockoff.

So tell me, are you going to stand for this? Are you going to just let your identity be stolen?


One response to “Stolen Identity

  1. Wonderful. Fletcher you have a way with words. Having our identity in Christ is a wonderful thing to say but a completely life altering thing to experience. With the knowledge that Christ is our savior, we tend to care substantially less about what others think of us. It removes fear in our lives because we can know that Jesus has our backs.

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